The Bible's World

Who Was Who?

  1. ROMANS. The Roman Empire was peaceful and organized in the time of the New Testament. It took over the Greek Empire.
  2. GREEKS. The Greek Empire covered the East Mediterranean in the time between the Old and New Testaments. Greek (or Hellenistic) culture was the setting of the New Testament.
  3. PHILISTINES. Originally from the Aegean, settled here around the time of the exodus and conquest. Oppressed Israel during Judges, at war with Saul and David.
  4. EGYPTIANS. The influential southern power of the Old Testament, although in steady decline.
  5. HITTITES. The Hittite Empire was most powerful when the Israelites were in Egypt. Destroyed by the sea peoples (one of which was the Philistines).
  6. ASSYRIANS. The Assyrian Empire was powerful during the divided monarchy. Took Israel into exile.
  7. BABYLONIANS. The Babylonian Empire took over the Assyrian. Took Judah into Exile.
  8. MEDES & PERSIANS. Seized control of the Babylonian Empire. The Persians released the exiles and sent them home.