Sermons on Special Occasions

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This volume includes fifteen sermons preached on special occasions to congregations ranging in numbers from one thousand to fifteen thousand people. These expositions span a unique part of the fifty years of Ian Paisley's ministry.

  • The First Sermon Preached in the New Church Building
  • Where Is the Lord God of Elijah?
  • Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb
  • The Fundamentalist Confession
  • The One and Only Subject of the Gospel
  • Not Ashamed of the Gospel
  • The Tears of the Minister
  • The Temptations of the Minister
  • World Empires Crash but God Remaineth
  • The Big Bang versus the Big God
  • Swearing Allegiance to King Jesus
  • The Queen's Silver Jubilee
  • There's No Place Like Hell
  • Back to the Cross
  • Sixty Years in Christ: A Personal Testimony

About the Author
Ordained in 1946, Ian Paisley has maintained a steadfast Bible ministry on the Ravehill Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, for 50 years. His name is synonymous throughout the world with the defense of the historic Christian faith as revealed in the Word of God.