Holy Spirit Study Bundle
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Product Details

If you've ever considered a deeper study of the wonderful, inspiring Person of the Holy Spirit, this is the study set you'll want. Charles Ryrie, Arno Gaebelein, Stanley Horton, Arthur Pink, and Harry Ironside are some of the respected authors of this bundle. Your detailed studies of the Holy Spirit will include:

  • A commentary and concordance of every biblical occurrence of the word "spirit"
  • Studies on gifts of the Spirit
  • What it means to be filled with the Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus
  • Supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer and the Holy Spirit
  • The mission of the Holy Spirit
  • Much more!

Products Included In This Bundle

Ethelbert William Bullinger
Being an Examination of the Active Mission and Ministry of the Spirit of God, the Divine Paraclete, as set forth in the Acts of the Apostles
Arthur Tappan Pierson
Revised Edition
Stanley M. Horton
William Henry Griffith Thomas
Pink holyspirit
Arthur Walkington Pink