The Christ in the Bible Commentary Six-Volume Bundle
By: A.B. Simpson
Category: Bundles, Study Notes

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  • Bundle includes all six of The Christ in the Bible Commentary series by A.B. Simpson.

Product Details

The one object of the Holy Scriptures is to reveal the person and portrait of Jesus. This is the key to its interpretation.-A.B. Simpson

The Christ in the Bible Commentary bundle is a 6-volume commentary on the entire Bible by A.B. Simpson.

Albert Benjamin Simpson lived and ministered from 1843 to 1919. He was a prolific preacher, author, theologian, and founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Simpson is known for making a significant contribution to worldwide evangelism. You'll find that Simpson's insight into the Scriptures reads as fresh today as when it was written.

Simpson's main focus in this work is to point to the references and symbols of Christ and redemption. He painstakingly parallels Old Testament symbols with New Testament truths and presents them with the depth of a theologian and the intimacy of a pastor to his flock. Jesus Christ is foreshadowed throughout the Bible. Simpson believed that Christ can be found on every page of the Bible, and his commentary backs up his conviction.

Simpson's first page of his commentary on Genesis reminds us that the first verse of the Bible uses the Hebrew word Elohim for God—in the plural form—suggesting the existence of the Trinity. Throughout all 66 books of the Bible, Simpson points to Christ. This focus on Christ is an inspiring feature to have in any commentary. Simpson finds Christ everywhere.

Simpson beautifully organized and outlines each book of the Bible, often using alliteration that makes his outlines stick in the mind. For example, Simpson tells us the book of Genesis is known as "the Book of Beginnings," and then he outlines his commentary chapters like this:

  • The Beginning of the Universe
  • The Beginning of the Human Race
  • The Beginning of Redemption
  • The Beginning of Nations
  • The Beginning of the Hebrew Race
  • The Beginning of the Life of Faith

If you preach, teach, or just love studying God's Word, you will be blessed when you add The Christ in the Bible Commentary bundle to your digital library.

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About the Author

One of the leading evangelical statesmen of his generation, Albert Benjamin Simpson (1843-1919) was a prolific author, publisher, popular speaker and founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. At the turn of the century Simpson enjoyed as high a profile as Andrew Murray, C.I. Scofield, and D.L. Moody, who once commented, "No man gets to my heart like Simpson."


We have received from [Simpson's] life and teachings...such immeasurable benefits that we feel forever bound to thank the thoughtful God who gave him to the church...The sheer spiritual weight of the man crushes in upon us till we are overcome with it and, like Daniel, we are astonished.