Psalm 1 A Fruitful Life

Key Verse: "His delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night." (Psalm 1:2)

We are presented with a clear, explicit picture of how to be blessed through a contrasting view of what to do and what not to do. The reference is to a life that fulfills God's purpose, brings glory to Him, and is fruitful in all that God wants us to accomplish. This is all wrapped up in the closing expression of verse 3, "And in whatever he does, he prospers." That is certainly the desire of my heart. Why waste time and years in pursuits that do not prosper or that do not result in positive influence in advancing the kingdom of God?

I want to be like that tree planted by streams of water, constantly drawing sustenance, strength, and spiritual nutrients from the Water of Life—one that bears fruit as a natural process of life. A tree does not bear fruit by working or struggling but by simply abiding in the source of life. I want to be "firmly" planted, unwavering in conviction, and not susceptible to temptations. In times of trials, I will not wander from fellowship with the Father because I'm so rooted in Him, the source of strength and blessing.

Why waste time and years in pursuits that do not prosper or that do not result in positive influence in advancing the kingdom of God?

How to receive the blessing and be this kind of person is clearly explained by a graphic contrast. One makes choices not to yield to the influence and counsel of the wicked. One must avoid the activities characterized by worldly values and by walking in places and engaging in things that are self-serving and do not please God. One should never associate with those who make light of spiritual things. We should never get comfortable around those who ridicule a commitment to purity or integrity and disparage the truth of God's Word. These will perish like chaff blown away by the wind when they face the sure judgment of God. There is nothing of eternal, lasting value among the wicked and those characterized by worldly principles and influences.

But the righteous, the one who is blessed and prospers, is the one who remains firmly planted and rooted in God. He focuses on God's truth and meditates on His Word day and night. The key is a consistent discipline and practice of feeding on God's Word—reading it until it becomes a part of one's life—allowing it to shape our worldview, our character, motives, and desires. God's Word and the truth of His promises become not only the source of victory and strength but also the joy and delight of one's life.

Prayer: Lord, give me insight and wisdom that I might discern the counsel of the wicked and avoid the subtle influence of those who are cynical and insensitive to Your Spirit; help me avoid situations where I would be influenced by the world and its values. May I find delight in being obedient to Your law and drawing strength from Your Word. Let me be fruitful in season according to Your plan and purpose, never withering in fatigue and discouragement. May I prosper in that which You lead me to do for Your glory.