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Butler's Premium Bundle - 61 Volumes
By: John G. Butler
Publisher: LBC Publications
Category: Bundles

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  • Features all of the works currently available from author John Butler

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Now you can get all of John G. Butler's writing in this handy collection. Discover the in-depth truths of Jesus Christ in the Study of the Savior Series. Learn more about your favorite Bible character, or discover hidden truths about characters you know little about in the Bible Biography Series. Strengthen your relationship with God through the Daily Bible Readings and Sermonettes! Also included are the just released Analytical Bible Expositor's Commentaries.

About the Author

John G. Butler has been a Baptist minister for over half a century with "pastorates in Williamsburg, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Clinton, Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, attended Tennessee Temple University and graduated from Cedarville University. Butler is also the author of the Bible Biography Series —a twenty-seven volume series about major Bible characters; the Studies of the Savior —a ten volume series about Jesus Christ; and, the Daily Bible Reading—a unique four volume devotional series that emphasizes expository Bible study.


The Butler commentaries are the most spectacular blend of alliteration, interpretation, and application I have seen on Bible Software.
Sheldon Lewis

Products Included In This Bundle

The Patriarch of Character
The Parochial Prophet
The Prophet of Confrontation
The Mighty Man of Valor
The Illustrious Disciple
The Father of the Jews
The Worldly Christian
The Missionary Apostle
The Emancipator of Israel
The Conqueror of Canaan
The Prophet of Transition
The Sower and Reaper
The Defender of the Jews
The Ancestress of Christ
The Suffering Saint