NIGTC: The Book of Revelation
By: G. K. Beale
Category: Commentaries

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  • The New International Greek Testament Commentary

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This monumental study of the book of Revelation will be especially helpful to scholars, pastors, students, and others seriously interested in interpreting the Apocalypse for the benefit of the church. Too often Revelation is viewed as a book only about the future. As G.K. Beale shows, however, Revelation is not merely a futurology but a book about how the church should live for the glory of God throughout the ages -- including our own.

Engaging important questions concerning the interpretation of Revelation today, as well as interacting with the various scholarly viewpoints, Beale's work makes a major contribution in the much-debated area of how the Old Testament is used in the Apocalypse. Approaching Revelation in terms of its won historical background and literary character, Beale argues convincingly that John's use of Old Testament allusions -- and the way the Jewish exegetical tradition interpreted these same allusions -- provides the key for unlocking the meaning of Revelation's many obscure metaphors. In the course of Beale's careful verse-by-verse exegesis, which also untangles the logical flow of John's thought as it develops from chapter to chapter, it becomes clear that Revelation's challenging pictures are best understood not by apparent twenty-first-century parallels but by Old Testament and Jewish parallels from the distant past.

About this Series

This commentary series is established on the presupposition that the theological character of the New Testament documents calls for exegesis that is sensitive to theological themes as well as to the details of the historical work lies at the heart of these volumes, which contain detailed verse-by-verse commentary preceded by general comments on each section and subsection of the text.

An important aim of the NIGTC authors is to interact with the wealth of significant New Testament research published in recent articles and monographs. In this connection the authors make their own scholarly contributions to the ongoing study of the biblical text.

The text on which these commentaries are based on the UBS Greek New Testament, edited by Kurt Aland and others. While engaging the major questions of text and interpretation at a scholarly level, the authors keep in mind the needs of the beginning student of Greek as well as the pastor or layperson who may have studied the language at some time but does not now use it on a regular basis.

About the Author

G. K. Beale is professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is the author of John's Use of the Old Testament in Revelation and The Temple and the Church's Mission.


The culmination of over a decade of research of writing on the Apocalypse, Beale's work makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Revelation. While the reader may not necessarily agree on all points, the commentary will certainly provide considerable insight into John's often perplexing vision. In particular, Beale's grasp of the Greek grammar of Revelation is outstanding. Too few scholars today have the linguistic expertise to furnish the reader with such extensive and thoughtful notes. . . Beale also provides the reader with a rich collection of intertextual references from the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic literature, Jewish apocalyptic, and early Christian texts. . . Beale has written a truly important work that should be consulted as a reference by serious scholars of the Apocalypse.
Journal of Biblical Literature
A massive and thorough commentary on Revelation. . . Takes its places as one of several important resources for interpreting this fascinating New Testament book.
The Bible Today
Beale's commentary reflects the distillation of a lifetime of research and thinking on the book of Revelation. . . Beale leaves virtually no stone unturned in his careful analysis of the text of Revelation, while interacting with a wide range of commentaries, monographs and articles in several different languages. This commentary is a work of impressive scholarship and the size lends itself primarily to use as a reference tool. However, Beale's work could also be useful to pastors and theological students. . . Beale has provided a valuable service to scholars, pastors and students in providing a commentary that should remain a standard for some time to come. This long-awaited commentary was certainly worth waiting for.
As this millennium draws to its close, interest in the book of Revelation remains high, and Beale's encyclopedic commentary has a great deal to offer those who wish to probe its mysteries. . . Those who want comprehensive coverage with summaries of recent scholarly discussion will appreciate Beale's contribution and find it to be a valuable tool for many years.
Word & World