Understanding the Book of Revelation
Ways to Interpret Revelation
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Category: Teaching Helps

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The book of Revelation is an exciting yet often misunderstood book of the Bible. It was probably penned between 35 and 65 years after Jesus' resurrection. This text became a source of hope and encouragement for Christians facing persecution.

This simple chart compares different ways Christians throughout the centuries have understood Revelation. Seeing the different approaches to Revelation at a glance will help clarify issues of interpretation and give new insight.

Although the book of Revelation allows for many interpretations, all Christians seem to agree that:

  1. The message of the book is relevant for Christians today, as it was for Christians in the times of the apostles;
  2. The main purpose of the book is to provide hope and encouragement for believers of all times, especially in times of persecution or suffering;
  3. The message of the book is clear on at least three points:
    • Christ is coming back and will judge humanity;
    • The powers of evil are doomed before Christ;
    • God promises a wonderful future for all who believe in Christ.