Four Views of the End Times
Christian Views on Jesus' Second Coming
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Category: Teaching Helps

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What does the Bible say about the end times that lead to the return of Jesus Christ? The major views on the end times that can divide Christians are examined in the Four Views of the End Times pamphlet, which can be read in 30 minutes or less. This fascinating pamphlet shows four different Revelation time lines and diagrams, a definition of the four major end time views, supporting Scriptures, a time line of the view's popularity, and a sampling of Christian leaders supporting the view.

The events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ can be a controversial subject. Four Views of the End Times addresses end time eschatology, outlining the four major views regarding events leading up to the second coming of Christ.

The Four Views of the End Times pamphlet is packed with information regarding what Jesus and Paul taught about the end times and their viewpoints and biblical references are presented in way that is easy to understand.