A Fourfold Promise (Exodus 29)

  1. I will MEET you. v. 42.
  2. I will SPEAK with you. v. 42.
  3. I will SANCTIFY. v. 44.
  4. I will DWELL among you. v. 45.

Three Crosses

  1. REDEMPTION. "It is finished." John 19:30.
  2. RECONCILIATION. "Lord remember me." Luke 23:42.
  3. REJECTION. "Railed on him." Luke 23:39.

Raised from the Dead

  1. An only SON. Luke 7:12.
  2. An only DAUGHTER. Luke 8:42.
  3. An only BROTHER. John 11:43.

Death and the Lord's Coming

  1. Death is the penalty for sin. The Lord's coming is deliverance from sin.
  2. Death is painful. The Lord's coming is delightful.
  3. Death is looking down and weeping. The Lord's coming is looking up and rejoicing.
  4. Death is separation. The Lord's coming is a glad reunion.
  5. Death is our greatest foe. The Coming One is our dearest friend.
  6. In death I go to be with Him. In the Lord's coming He will take me.

Five Results of Being in Christ

  1. REGENERATION. "A new creature." II Cor. 5:17.
  2. UNION. "Abideth in me." John 15:5.
  3. REST. "Made us sit together." Eph. 2:6.
  4. SECURITY. "Your life is hid with Christ in God." Col. 3:3.
  5. VICTORY. "Whosoever abideth... sinneth not." I John 3:6.