Preaching Christ from the Old Testament
A Contemporary Hermeneutical Method
By: Sidney Greidanus

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Arguing for the need both to preach Christ in every sermon and to preach regularly from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus develops a christocentric method that will help preachers do both simultaneously.

Greidanus challenges Old Testament scholars to broaden their focus and to understand the Old Testament not only in its own historical context but also in the context of the New Testament. Suggesting specific steps and providing concrete examples, this volume provides a practical guide for preaching Christ from the Old Testament.

About the Author
Sidney Greidanus is professor emeritus of preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


"This is a careful, clear, helpful volume, which can be useful to any preacher who wishes to preach 'the whole counsel of God,' joining Old and New Testaments. . . A good book."
Elizabeth Achtemeier in Interpretation
"Sidney Greidanus makes a major contribution to modern preaching with this work. . . . A great resource tool for sermon preparation. . . . Greidanus achieves a scholarly work, but one that is filled with great insight and integrity."
Ministries Today
"This is a long, complicated, but thorough book. It has wonderful insights and is written in a splendid way. This would be the kind of book most pastors ought to read. It gives a clear theological outline of a problem that plagues the modern church — failure to give credence to the Scripture from which Jesus himself preached."
Clergy Journal
"As with his previous, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text, Greidanus is at his best when giving specific exegetical and homiletical suggestions. In addition, his history of the varied ways preachers have proclaimed Christ from the Old Testament is well-researched and is a unique contribution to the field. The book is an important part of an age-old debate."
Review and Expositor
"The book is careful and thorough and evinces great learning. It is copiously, even exhaustively footnoted, especially to secondary literature. . . An important book."