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Layman's Bible Commentary All 12 Volumes
Author: Deffinbaugh, Leston, and Longman
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 11 , WORDsearch 10, or FREE WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.

Product Highlights

  • Deep insight that can be understood and applied by everyone
  • 12 volumes covering the whole Bible

Product Details

The Layman’s Bible Commentary was created to be used by everyone with an interest in the Bible. Even if you are a preacher, teacher, or student using advanced Bible study tools, the Layman’s Bible Commentary is incredibly helpful in aiding your study of God’s Word.

Easy-to-read and straightforward, the Layman’s Bible Commentary was authored by eight evangelical theologians and Bible scholars who had a desire to bring understanding and clarity to every passage of the Bible.

Each of these volumes is filled with crisp research that reveals new truths that you’ll want to share with others. The commentary doesn’t shy away from giving clear explanations of how difficult words have been translated, but it also doesn’t dwell on linguistic details. It gives you section-by-section commentary on the flow and theme of each book, plus the historical and literary context. Charts and diagrams are also included.

Each chapter in the commentary includes:

  • Setting Up the Section - “Big picture” summaries of each passage
  • Demystifying Each Book Sections - Explanations of confusing references or unusual Bible customs
  • Critical Observations - Helpful insights that put a passage or topic into a greater context
  • Take It Home - Practical ways of applying what you learned from the commentary
  • Interactive page layouts - leads your graphically through each section

Perfect for personal Bible study, sermon creation, or Sunday school preparation, the Layman’s Bible Commentary provides biblically sound and relevant insights for anyone who wants to study God’s Word.

Check out a sample of this commentary by clicking on the yellow “Sample” button under the book cover on this page.

About the Authors

Consulting editor Dr. Tremper Longman is professor of biblical studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Holding degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Yale University, Dr. Longman has written extensively and serves on the committee that produced and monitors the New Living Translation. Also written by Mark Strauss, Stephen Leston, Ian Fair, Robert Deffinbaugh, Dr. Peter Barnes, Robert Rayburn, Jeffrey Miller, and J. Hampton Keathley.

Included Products

  • Laymanbibcommvol1 Volume 1: Genesis thru Numbers
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol2 Volume 2: Deuteronomy thru Ruth
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol3 Volume 3: 1 Samuel thru 2 Kings
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol4 Volume 4: 1 Chronicles thru Job
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol5 Volume 5: Psalms thru Song of Songs
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol6 Volume 6: Isaiah thru Ezekiel
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol7 Volume 7: Daniel thru Malachi
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol8 Volume 8: Matthew & Mark
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol9 Layman's Bible Commentary Volume 9: Luke & John
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol10 Volume 10: Acts thru Corinthians
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol11 Volume 11: Galatians thru Philemon
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman
  • Laymanbibcommvol12 Volume 12: Hebrews thru Revelation
    by Deffinbaugh and Leston Longman