50 Books for 50 Bucks Bundle
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Bundles

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  • 11 Literature
  • 9 Sermon Helps
  • 8 Theology
  • 2 Commentaries
  • 3 Bibles
  • 4 Study Helps
  • 3 History & Culture
  • 3 Study Notes
  • 2 Topics
  • 3 Devotionals
  • 1 Handbook
  • 1 Handbook
  • 1 Dictionary/Encyclopedia

Product Details

Note: Each of the 50 books in this bundle were not in any of the following bundles: 100 for $100 sale, $1.99 Super Saver Bundle (2013) or Super Saver Bundle (2012).

The 50 Books for 50 Bucks Bundle includes books that will help you with Bible study and help you minister to others. You'll find books that help answer the difficult questions, start meetings, write lessons or sermons and much more.

Purchased individually at our regular prices, this bundle would total $851.08. This 50 Books for 50 Bucks Bundle will be available for a limited time.

Products Included In This Bundle

William J. Federer
How to Keep from Falling into Common Traps
Dan Williams (Author)
Thoughts on Every Chapter of the Bible
Mark Water (Author)
Giving The Bible A Voice
Franklin Kirksey
Over 5000 Perfect One Liners
Croft M. Pentz (Author)
Howard F. Sugden and Warren W. Wiersbe
The Ultimate Bible Answer Book
Brian Ridolfi
Harold Willmington (Author)
A Year in The Word
Warren Wiersbe
Frederick Fyvie Bruce, J. I. Packer, Philip Wesley Comfort and Carl F. H. Henry
John G. Butler (Author)
A Study of Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
Stephen Olford (Author)
Preaching on the Foundations and Evidence for New Life
Stephen Olford (Author)
Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting Age
John F. MacArthur Jr.
Daily Devotions From the Sermons
Frank E. Ray (Author)
A Practical Guide to Discovering Biblical Truth
Roy B. Zuck (Author)
Revised and Expanded
Martin E. Clark (Author)
Spiros Zodhiates (Author)
Don Fleming (Author)
Mike MacIntosh (Author)
Revised Edition
Stanley Horton (Author)
And other Resources
Harry A. Ironside (Author)
Anthony A. Hoekema (Author)
Anthony A. Hoekema (Author)
Two Distinct Lines of Truth
Harry A. Ironside (Author)
Devotions for the Holidays Throughout the Year
Henry M. Morris
Ancient Insights from the Song of Solomon, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes
Henry M. Morris
Ministry to All Stages of Life
Cheryl Fawcett (Author)
Following John to the Heart of Jesus
Beth Moore (Author)
Lessons from the Bible and America's Christian History
Stephen McDowell (Author)
Doctrines Believers Should Know
Clarence H. Benson (Author)
Moving Beyond Traditional Boundaries
Jim Peterson (Author)
Andrew Telford, D.D.
Alexander Strauch (Author)
True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God's Resources in Scripture
Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert
Lessons from the Life of Job
James T. Draper, Jr. (Author)
Trusting God When Life Hurts
Ron Dunn (Author)
A Devotional Biography
James Bryant Smith
Participating in God's Transformation of the World
Darrell W. Johnson (Author)
Michael Fabarez (Author)