Powerful Preaching Package
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The Powerful Preaching Package will add a huge supply of preaching and teaching tools to your library. Use this vast supply of resources to create new content, such as sermons and Bible lessons, for ministry to others.

Wordsearch makes each of these works even more useful and valuable than printed editions. Any time you are studying a passage of Scripture of a biblical topic, Wordsearch instantly locates all relevant material from any of these volumes. Just imagine the treasury of discovery stored in this collection!

Products Included In This Bundle

Sermons from the Heart of the Southern Baptist Convention
More Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic
Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic
A Topical Collection of Hundreds of Stories, Quotations, & Humor for Speakers, Writers, Pastors and Teachers
Sermons Compiled from Spurgeon's Magazine,
Selections from the Works of C. H. Spurgeon
A Solid and Enduring Approach to Engaging Exposition
Studies on Prayer Meetings and Prayer Meeting Addresses
How to Create and Deliver Sermons For Life Applications
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
The Holy Spirit's Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery
A Homiletical Treatment of the January Bible Study for 2007 November 2006, 3rd Edition
Preaching from 1 Corinthians
Preaching from Exodus
Preaching from Galatians
Preaching from Hebrews
Preaching from Job
Preaching from Mark
Preaching from Nehemiah
Preaching from Romans