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Show Me How Bundle
3 Volume Bundle
By: R. Larry Moyer

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The Show Me How Bundle includes both of R. Larry Moyer's volumes on illustrating and preaching evangelistic sermons, as well as Show Me How to Share the Gospel.

Show Me How to Illustrate Evangelistic Sermons

In a definitive volume on how to illustrate sermons, author and speaker R. Larry Moyer shows pastors and speakers how to clearly present the good news with effective and memorable stories and quotations. With hundreds of pages of examples, this is the how-to book for illustrating not only evangelistic messages but all sermons.

Good illustrations powerfully connect ideas to experience. They make otherwise difficult and seemingly unrelated concepts accessible to a wide range of listeners. Too often and too easily, however, illustrations fall short of the mark. Speakers settle for what is quick, clever, or cute. Moyer knows that the right illustration is crucial in presenting the good news. And he can show pastors and speakers how to add impact to their evangelistic preaching with proven and time-tested principles. All pastors and speakers who want to challenge listeners with the gospel message can profit from this insightful resource.

Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons

Drawing on more than thirty-five years of evangelism experience, adroit evangelist R. Larry Moyer communicates the motivation and principles that enable pastors and speakers to communicate the gospel in a preaching or speaking situation. Believers must be about the business of speaking truth to the world, and Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons equips readers to do just that!

In twenty-seven helpful chapters, he explains why expository evangelistic preaching is so important, lists different ways to give an evangelistic message, and defines key terms such as sin, belief, and repentance. Included in this comprehensive book on evangelistic preaching are many practical tips and two sample messages.

Show Me How to Share the Gospel

Drawing upon over thirty-five years of experience in evangelism, Larry Moyer introduces readers to the exciting reality that believers can lean how to share the Gospel with others—clearly and confidently.

If someone introduced you to the most rewarding thing in life, would you take it? of course! and that's just what we have to offer to others. introducing Jesus Christ to someone is not only the most important thing you could do for them, but also the most personally rewarding thing you could do for yourself.

Even if you think evangelism isn't for you, this step-by-step resource shows you how to start and nurture an evangelistic life-style.

About the Author
Veteran evangelist Dr. Larry Moyer is a frequent speaker in evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, churches, and classrooms across the world. Born with an inherited speech defect, Larry vowed to God as a teenager that if He would allow him to gain control of his speech he would always use his voice to declare the gospel. Miraculously, he experienced a control he never had. That prayer along with a year of speech therapy brought him to a point where he hasn’t stopped sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


"Not only does Larry Moyer provide a method for securing illustrations for sermons, but he also presents an incredible mine of illustrations from which preachers can draw. Well done!"
Scott M. Gibson, Haddon Robinson Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Seminary
"A great illustration often is sourced by preachers who struggle to move into and then out of an illustration. Larry's book provides great illustrations and the transitions to go with them. This book is a gold mine for preachers."
Calvin Pearson, Associate Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church and former Associate Professor of Preaching, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary