This Cyclopedia or Handbook on Evangelism, with the ten notable evangelistic sermons appended, will be both a rich storehouse of material and a great inspiration to many a preacher, and the Church owes a great obligation to its gifted and industrious author.

Gerard Benjamin Fleet Hallock has been pouring forth a great wealth of homiletic material during the past twenty years as Assistant Editor of "The Expositor," of Cleveland, Ohio, of which magazine he is now Editor. Rarely gifted by nature for such a task, his position as one of the pastors of the great Brick Presbyterian Church, at Rochester, N. Y., has afforded him most valuable opportunities for prosecuting his work, and these opportunities he has used with abundant industry.

In a home blessed with rare parental piety, he learned the homiletic habit with his mother's earliest interpretations to him of both nature and Providence, the fruit of which has been evident in the maturing lives of other children also. His work at Princeton University, where he took his A.B. in 1882, and at Princeton Seminary, from which he graduated in 1885, followed by post-graduate work under President McCosh, laid the foundations for a corner in homiletic work of rare excellence. In this Handbook on Evangelism he has without doubt made his most valuable contribution.

This work is also most timely. Without depreciating in any way the splendid work of our professional evangelists, the church is coming to see that best of all is pastoral evangelism; and that becoming an evangelistic pastor is within the reach of every pastor who is willing to pay the price. It is an art, however, which must be acquired, as truly as a state of impassioned fervor for men's salvation.

Most heartily can this work of Dr. Hallock be commended for both of these ends. It has not only "feathers for arrows," but it has, out of Dr. Hallock's own soul, that which will put a man on his knees pleading for souls as John Knox pleaded for Scotland, and kindle a hot heart in both preacher and hearer with the fires of the Holy Ghost.

Joseph A. Vance.

First Presbyterian Church, Detroit, Mich.