Wells Bible Atlas
Publisher: Wordsearch

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In 1915, before anyone had even thought about computers, scholars did meticulous biblical research by reading the Bible page-by-page, verse-by-verse, taking careful notes on every word. D. J. Wells, in particular, compiled what he called "A biography of the 3,132 mentioned in the Bible", plus the name of nearly every place and location. In addition, he created "An historical chronological outline of events from the formation of Adam to the building of Solomon's temple, the divided kingdoms of Judah and Israel, and the Prophets after the division." Sorted alphabetically, Wells offers a description of each name, along with the reference text of where they appear in Scripture. He also included timelines and fascinating details and information about the Bible. It is a testament to his passion for God's Word and his detailed observation of scripture that The Wells Bible Atlas is as valuable a resource today as it was when it was published 100 years ago. The Wells Bible Atlas has long been out of print and is difficult to find.