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Theological Journal Collection Library Update - 17th Edition
Publisher: Galaxie Software

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  • This is an update including the newest journals from the Theological Journal Library

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This is an update of 23 new additions to the Theological Journal Library available on Wordsearch.

On a quarterly or semi-annual basis most seminaries and theological societies produce a 100-200 page book of thoroughly researched and well-written articles. These articles deal with fields of biblical, theological and historical interest. They discuss a wide range of discourse on practical matters, including surveys of contemporary trends in theology and religion, archaeology, ethics, apologetics, studies of Bible texts and topics, reviews of books, magazine articles and much more.

Editor Hampton Keathley has carefully selected journals from 35 publishers that tend to support conservative, evangelical views.

With The Theological Journal Library in digital form, searching and cross-referencing to the other tools in your library is a snap. You already know how easy it is to search your library for any biblical text, topic or anything else you can think of. Within seconds, you'll find every article from every journal that mentions the text or topic in your search.

You'll be inspired, blessed and challenged by the fascinating range of articles found in The Theological Journal Library.This kind of discovery is what makes it fun.

Products Included In This Bundle

Bulletin for Biblical Research: Volume 20
Bibliotheca Sacra: Volume 170
Conspectus: Volume 14
Conspectus: Volume 15
Conspectus: Volume 16
Chafer Theological Seminary Journal: Volume 14
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal: Volume 18
Emmaus Journal: Volume 21
Global Journal of Classical Theology: Volume 11
Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Volume 18
Family ministry
Journal of Family Ministry: Volume 03
Evangelical theological society
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society: Volume 56
Ministry theology
Journal of Ministry and Theology: Volume 17
Journal disp theology
Journal of Dispensational Theology: Volume 17
Grace evangelical society
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society: Volume 26
Maranatha baptist
Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal: Volume 03
Priscilla papers
Priscilla Papers: Volume 27
Puritan reformed
Puritan Reformed Journal: Volume 05
Southern baptist
Southern Baptist Journal of Theology: Volume 17
Southeastern Theological Review: Volume 04
Tyndale bulletin
Tyndale Bulletin: Volume 62
Westminster Theological Journal: Volume 75
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Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies: Volume 1