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The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook
Author: J. Daniel Hays and J. Scott Duvall
Category: Handbooks

Available on Desktop available Cloud available Ios available Android available

This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 11 , WORDsearch 10, or FREE WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.

Product Details

The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook offers 1,152 pages that will greatly enhance your studies of all 66 books of the Bible. The Baker editors deliver superb scholarship and gorgeous imagery as they walk you through each book of the Bible. You’ll learn fascinating details on the setting, author, geography, customs, and culture that are relevant to your study of each book. The up-to-date, evangelical scholarship is presented in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

The beautiful selection of images include detailed maps, timelines, charts, paintings, illustrations, archeological artifacts, and stunning photographs of landscapes and significant Bible land locations. The placement of all this imagery in the text does exactly what it should. It illustrates the very thing you are studying. These images will stick in your head and add a personal element to your studies and teaching.

112 Articles by Leading Evangelical Scholars

To make this handbook even more complete, the Baker editors sought scholarship from leading evangelical theologians to write 112 in-depth articles on a wide range of topics that are important to all students of the Bible. You may recognize many of these scholars: Darrell L. Bock, Michael Grisanti, Tremper Longman III, John H. Walton, Grant R. Osborne, and many others. You'll benefit from the wisdom of these experts on questions and topics such as:

  • Archaeology and the Bible
  • Music in the Old Testament
  • Roman Prisons
  • Herod's Temple
  • Women in Ancient Corinth
  • The Sanhedrin
  • Literary Features in the Bible
  • Angels and Demons
  • Old Testament Fortifications
  • Are There Hidden Codes in the Bible?
  • Much More!

Using The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook in WORDsearch will help you discover how each part of the Bible reveals God's overarching purposes, giving you a clearer understanding of God's Word from Genesis to Revelation. You'll also learn how to more effectively interpret the Bible and apply it to your life.

Check out a sample by clicking on the yellow Sample button underneath the book cover image.

About the Editors:

J. Scott Duvall (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament and J. C. and Mae Fuller Chair of Biblical Studies at Ouachita Baptist University. He is the author or coauthor of many articles and books, including The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook and Revelation in the Teach the Text Commentary Series.

J. Daniel Hays (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is dean of the School of Christian Studies and professor of biblical studies at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He is the author or coauthor of many articles and books, including Grasping God's Word and The Dictionary of Bible Prophecy and End Times. A former missionary to Ethiopia, Hays has also done mission work in Niger, Jordan, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Critical Reviews

The greatest adventure available today is that of walking through your Bible and making it come alive. This must-have book by Hays and Duvall brings clarity and simplicity to the greatest book ever written. Enjoy the adventure.
Keith Chancey, director, Kanakuk Institute Graduate School and Kanakuk Kamps K-Seven
I have always appreciated and respected Duvall's and Hays's love for both the study and application of the Scriptures. Connecting words and pictures with God's redemptive story within its historical context is a priceless tool for both those studying and those teaching the Scriptures. This incredible resource will ignite both passion and knowledge for any student of the Scriptures. It will enable the reader to grasp God's Word in a more powerful, meaningful way, and it will offer practical insights and visuals that make the Scriptures come alive.
Brandon Barnard, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas