Baker Sermon Helps Bundle
15 Volumes

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Product Details

Please Note:When you download the Baker Sermon Helps Library, all 15 of these books will be placed in your Sermon Helps folder. Within this folder you will find the following 5 volumes in a sub-folder titled Sermon Outline Series: 165 Dynamic Sermon Outlines, 52 Simple Sermon Outlines, Preach the Word, and Ready Sermon Outlines. Using your Wordsearch Topical Explorer and Cross-Reference Explorer is a fast way to find relevant content for any Bible Topic or Scripture.

The Baker Sermon Helps Bundle includes 15 short volumes by a number of great past preachers. The series provides busy pastors with well-reasoned sermon material. Scriptural and easy to use, these time saving books can be used for a variety of occasions and include outlines for special days, evangelism, and great themes of the Bible.

The Baker Sermon Helps Bundle will continue to answer the urgent demands for Scriptural, reasonably-priced, and appropriate sermon material. Consistently evangelical, these versatile books serve a broad market; include outlines for special days, outlines for revival services, outlines on great themes in God's Word, and outlines on individual books of the Bible. A host of illustrious pulpit giants, past and present, are represented.

Expository sermon outlines, topical sermon outlines, sermon starters, sermon illustrations—all of these and more are included in this bundle.

Products Included In This Bundle

Croft M. Pentz (Author)
John Lewis Mayshack (Author)
Part of the Sermon Outline Series
Charles H. Spurgeon & Others
Part of the Sermon Outline Series
Billy Apostolon (Author)
Outlines for Sermons
Lash Frey and William Willis
Ruben Archer Torrey