The Journey Bible Series: Journey Into Meaningful Living
A Study of Ecclesiastes
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Lessons

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About The Journey Series®

Author Tommy Higle knows that every Bible study is an adventurous journey. The Journey Series® is a library filled with insight and practical lessons that Higle, a seasoned pastor, spent years writing.

The Journey Series® is written for hungry students of God's Word. Each book is a series of lessons designed to be used for personal study, small groups, or Sunday school. Many pastors say they use The Journey Series® as ready-to-preach sermons. Over 12,000 churches have used this wonderful resource.

About Journey Into Meaningful Living

This "journey" is a 13-lesson study of Ecclesiastes. Solomon wrote this book to answer the question, “Why does life seem meaningless?”, which is the title of the first lesson. Other lesson titles include:Finding Real Happiness, Avoiding Foolish Mistakes, Living Life to the Max, Why Isn't Life Fair?, Getting the Most Out of Worship, What Everyone Should Know About Money, Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen, When Life Is Puzzling, How To Know if You’re Wise, Making Every Day Meaningful, and Living in an Unpredictable World.

This volume is part of The Journey Bible Series. The Journey Bible Series takes a focused look at individual books of the Bible.

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About the Author

Tommy Higle has been pastor of the First Baptist Church, Marietta, OK, for 27 years. He has pastored six churches in Arkansas and Oklahoma during his 40-year ministry. His writings have been translated into several languages and published in four countries. Higle is known for clear, simple exposition with practical application.

About the Author

After 47 years of pastoring six churches in Arkansas and Oklahoma, Tommy Higle now focuses on writing and on teaching pastors around the world. His Bible studies, called The Journey Series®, have been used by thousands for churches in all 50 states and at least 25 other countries. More than one and a half million “Journeys” have been sold. Higle is known for clear, simple exposition with practical application.

The Journey Series® is the registered trademark of Tommy Higle Publishers, Inc.