1. Let the Holy Spirit Bring You to Christ


The Monday, October 6, 1964, issue of the Hinton Daily News, (Hinton, West Virginia), carried the following news story:


MORGANTOWN, W. Va., (UPI)—A Parkersburg pilot who found himself lost with fuel running low over rugged mountains of Western Maryland, Sunday (October 25), can thank an amateur pilot with leading him safely to Morgantown Airport.

James Kwan radioed the airport's Federal Aviation Agency office that he was lost near Grantsville, Maryland. He was given lost plane instructions but was unable to make out any landmarks because ground haze and smoke made mountain ridges nearly invisible.

Dr. Wayne Knight, a Morgantown optometrist and member of the Morgantown Flying Club, was standing in the airport's briefing room when he learned of Kwan's difficulties.

FAA officials asked their Cleveland office for radar to pinpoint Kwan's craft and an Air Force Convair later intercepted the craft but the big plane was too speedy for Kwan to follow.

Knight then volunteered to "scramble" his Piper Tri-Pacer to find Kwan.

A short time later Knight led Kwan's plane in for a12 perfect landing. Kwan had enough fuel for another one-half hour of flying, officials said.

One hour and forty-five minutes had lapsed from the time Kwan reported his trouble until he landed here.

Knight and FAA employees Charles W. Deny and Hulton Schuler were credited with Kwan's safe landing which marked the 21st assist the FAA here had successfully given pilots in trouble this year.

After refueling, and a thorough briefing. Kwan continued on to Parkersburg.

As Dr. Wayne Knight, a Morgantown optometrist went into the air in his Piper Tri-Pacer airplane looking for James Kwan who was lost, so the Holy Spirit on the earth is seeking those who are lost. As Dr. Knight brought Kwan's plane in for a perfect landing, so the Holy Spirit seeks to lead the unsaved to the Lord Jesus so that they can receive Him as their Lord and Saviour, and be perfectly safe in Him.

If you have not received Christ as your Saviour, will you now come to the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit speaks to you. If you will then you will receive a new life, the forgiveness of sins, and joy unspeakable.

—Billy Apostolon,
Minister, Author, Educator, Hinton, West Virginia