The Pastor's Manual

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The Pastor’s Manual includes suggestions for when performing the various tasks of the pastor. Aimed to help the pastor on certain topics when he may not know what to say, it includes vital information and examples for all types of services and ceremonies.

The table of contents includes topics:

  • Notes on Conducting a Funeral
  • Funeral Service for General Purposes
  • Funeral Service for a Child
  • Funeral Service for a Young Man
  • Funeral Service for a Young Woman
  • Funeral Service for a Man or Woman in Middle Life
  • Funeral Service for Aged Man
  • Funeral Service for Aged Woman or Mother
  • Funeral Service for Non-Christian
  • Episcopal Funeral Service
  • Texts for Funeral Addresses
  • Poetry
  • Weddings
  • Notes on Ministerial Conduct at Weddings
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • How to Organize a Church
  • Church Covenant
  • Articles of Faith
  • Order of Service for Organizing a Baptist Church
  • Officers of the Church
  • The Pastor
  • The Deacons
  • Other Officers
  • The Clerk
  • The Church- Its Business Session or Conference, The Deacons' Meeting, Its Public Worship, Its Reception of Members, Its Discipline of Its Members, Its Councils, Its Ordinances
  • Baptism
  • The Lord's Supper
  • Administration of Baptism
  • Administration of The Lord's Supper
  • Administration of the Ordinances and the Reception of Newly Baptized Members
  • Notes on Laying Corner Stone for Church Building
  • Laying a Church Corner Stone
  • Dedicating a Church Building

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