Day 1: Previewing the Parable of the Vine

Abiding in the Vine Today

Parable Focus: "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5).

Today's Key Idea: Jesus wants me to live in an abiding relationship with Him (brs).

Pray: Lord Jesus, during the coming days and weeks, help me come to understand how I can have an abiding relationship with You that produces spiritual fruit.

Abiding in Christ

  1. Receiving Christ as Savior and Lord
  2. Surrendering to Him
  3. Living united with Him
  4. Knowing Him
  5. Being transformed
  6. Knowing His commands and obeying Him
  7. Loving Him and others
  8. Relating to Him through prayer and His Word
  9. Bearing much fruit (brs)

Read and meditate on the Parable Focus and Today's Key Idea above. Begin today's study with prayer.

One of Jesus' most important teaching times with His disciples came on the night of His arrest. During this time He did not focus on the agony that awaited Him in only a few short hours. Instead, He focused on the new relationship that His death and resurrection would bring to the world. He wanted His disciples to know how to relate to Him in this new relationship. It is with this new relationship in mind that He told the parable of the Vine and Its Branches. This union between vine and branch, from this point forward, would symbolize the deep, intimate relationship in which Jesus calls each of us to live with Him.

Open your Bible and read Jesus' parable of the Vine and Its Branches in John 15:1-16. Then match the truth on the left with the correct person on the right. Write a letter beside each number. (a. Jesus, b. God the Father, c. Disciple, d. Branch with no fruit)

1. Bears fruit, more fruit, much fruit
2. Can do nothing by himself
3. Is cut off and thrown into the fire
4. Vinedresser who prunes the branches
5. Vine that produces fruit through the branches
6. One who chose and appointed the branches to bear fruit

By using this term, Jesus stressed our need to give our lives to Him and make Him our permanent dwelling place (brs).

The word abide is not used very much these days. To abide means to continue in, to dwell, to remain, or to stand. But even those words seem inadequate to describe what Jesus means by abiding in Him. Jesus told the parable of the Vine to make His meaning more clear. Just as a branch is connected to a grapevine, He wants us to be solidly connected to Him. The illustration of a vine and its branches reveals these truths and more:

The one thing that stands out in looking at a vine and its branches is their oneness. They each have committed themselves to the other. As we look at a branch, it would be absurd to think of its choosing not to abide in the vine. Its only hope for life is found in the vine. And yet as we read Jesus' words in this parable, it becomes very clear that we as the branches must choose to abide in the true Vine. It's up to us! He will never force you to choose Him; He simply offers you the choice. If you are to experience the relationship that Jesus came to give you, you must choose to sink your life in Him and Him alone. To abide in Him means that you let go of everything else and choose to make Him your permanent dwelling place.

If you have not already done so, read "Abiding in Christ" in the introduction on pages 7-9 and answer the following questions.

a. Which action is the most difficult or challenging for you? #___

b. Believing that Jesus is the One who is working in you to bring these to pass, which action would you most like to experience fully and why?


Review Jesus' parable of the Vine in John 15:1-16 and underline the statement that is the most meaningful to you. Write it below.

Jesus did not give this parable to His disciples so that they could learn more about Him. He was trying to help them live in this relationship with Him. His purpose as you spend time studying this parable will be the same. He wants you to live in the fullness of the abiding relationship with Him.

Lord, thank You for offering me such a relationship. Open my eyes to what can be if I choose to abide in You. Make me an abiding branch of the true Vine for Your glory.

Review today's lesson and draw a star beside the statement or Scripture that God seemed to emphasize to you the most. Ask the Lord how He would have you respond to Him in light of what He has said to you. Write a prayer of response to the Lord below.

Responding to My Lord