Growing Disciples: Witness to the World
By: Thompson and Ritzmann
Publisher: CRD
Category: Lessons

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The Growing Disciples Series is designed to help you disciple believers with a deliberate and highly-focused method. Using this series in Wordsearch will make your lessons even more relevant and personal. Ideal for small groups or Sunday school, you will guide students through a fully-developed understanding of the basic aspects of Christian faith. Together you can explore the Scriptures on important disciplines such as Bible reading, prayer, ministry to and fellowship with other believers, and evangelism.

Witness to the World is 6-session Bible Study that's a valuable tool in assisting churches to increase their relevancy to the community while building relational bridges through meeting needs over which they would intentionally share the gospel. It includes a Leader’s Guide, Discipleship Helps, and Scripture-Memory Cards that can be printed and passed out.

For example, this 6-week study is organized like this:

  • Week 1 - The Gospel Moves in the Context of Relationships
  • Week 2 - The Importance of Healthy Relationships
  • Week 3 - Concentric Circles 1-2: Self and Immediate Family
  • Week 4 - Concentric Circles 3-6: Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, Associates, and Acquaintances
  • Week 5 - Prayer and Building Bridges
  • Week 6 - Person X and the Ends of the Earth

Each lesson breaks the week into 5 days, offering 5 specific actions for you to apply each day. For example, in Witness to the World, your focus for each weekday would be:

  • Day 1: The New Testament Pattern of Evangelism
  • Day 2: Reconciled at Home
  • Day 3: New Testament Relationships
  • Day 4: Spheres of Influence
  • Day 5: Reconciled with an Absentee Father

Take students through this volume and you'll be amazed by their levels of spiritual maturity.

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About the Author

Claude King is editor-in-chief for updated resources at LifeWay Christian Resources. He holds degrees from Belmont College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and is the the co-author of Experiencing God.