Butler's Sermon Starters: Volume 9
By: John G. Butler
Publisher: LBC Publications
Category: Sermon Helps

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Author John Butler calls these "sermon starters," but they are far more than that. Each concentrates on a Bible verse and contains an outline of crisply alliterated sermon (or lesson) points as only John Butler can do. With each alliterated point, Butler offers us a paragraph or two of concentrated material. These are not full-blown sermons, but they are carefully written, containing only the distilled material that you will actually use.

Volume 9 is composed of 200 sermon starters from every book of the Bible to help you get a sermon, sermonette, or devotional. You can personalize the sermon starters and use your own illustrations and outlines after you get a jumpstart from these starters.

Butler has been in ministry for a half-century, and he distills and dispenses practical wisdom that lends itself for preaching and teaching. He always explains a passage of Scripture in a new light, exposing truths that might not have been considered before.

Note: All Scripture used in this book is from the King James Version. Hebrew and Greek references are from the Hebrew and Greek MSS used for this translation.

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About the Author

John G. Butler has been a Baptist minister for over half a century with "pastorates in Williamsburg, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Clinton, Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, attended Tennessee Temple University and graduated from Cedarville University. Butler is also the author of the Bible Biography Series —a twenty-seven volume series about major Bible characters; the Studies of the Savior —a ten volume series about Jesus Christ; and, the Daily Bible Reading—a unique four volume devotional series that emphasizes expository Bible study.