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The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection
Author: Adrian Rogers
Publisher: WORDsearch
Category: Sermon Helps
Adrianrogers cover
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This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 11 , WORDsearch 10, or FREE WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.

Product Highlights

  • Over 1,300 sermons spanning every book of the Bible, exceeding 60,000 pages
  • 1,000s of illustrations & invitations
  • 1,121 additional pages of Adrian's personal Sermon Notes

Product Details

"We need for ministers of the Gospel to defend the Bible as the infallible Word of God; I believe in my heart that Adrian Rogers was such a man. I knew him personally. I had walked with him and prayed with him. I know God’s hand was upon Adrian Rogers as he proclaimed the Bread of Life from his church and through radio and television; I praise God for his ministry," said Dr. Billy Graham.

Dr. Adrian Rogers was one of those "giants of the faith" and hardly needs an introduction. In 2005, Dr. Rogers went home to be with the Lord, but left behind a legacy of inspiring work that will serve ministers of the Gospel for many decades.

WORDsearch has partnered with Dr. Rogers' foundation, the Pastor Training Institute, to bring you the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. It's a massive collection of Dr. Rogers' life's work. Remembered and loved for his extraordinary preaching, Rogers’ wrote and delivered thousands of soul-winning sermons that are now included in this library. You'll find sermons on nearly any topic you can think of, covering almost every book in the Bible. When you use the WORDsearch Topical Explorer, you'll be amazed by all the topics covered through this man's lifetime of preaching.

Thousands of Sermons, Thousands of Illustrations - The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection contains not only thousands of Rogers' sermons, but thousands of his illustrations as well. All of these illustrations are searchable in WORDsearch for easy reference. Rogers was famous for crystallizing thought-provoking truths in a single sentence with thoughts like: “Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory capacity,” and “If you have a Bible that's falling apart, you'll have a life that's not.” You’ll find outstanding, Bible-based sermon material for every occasion that you inspire you in your sermon creation and preaching.

You will also get a personal glimpse into Dr. Rogers’ techniques. This library contains 1,121 extra pages of Adrian Rogers' personal sermon notes. You'll see his own notes in electronic form. These personal study notes have never been made available for publication before now.

You can learn more about each of these volumes by clicking on their titles below in the Included Products section.

Be sure to watch the demo video above and check out a sample of this material by by clicking on the yellow “Sample” button under the book cover on this page.

See how the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection looks in WORDsearch.

About the Author

Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) was one of America’s most respected Bible teachers, communicating to millions through his Love Worth Finding radio and television ministry that continues today. He was also senior pastor of the 27,000-member Bellevue Baptist Church near Memphis, Tennessee, and a popular author.

Included Products

  • Kjv King James Version (KJV)
  • Bestrg Strong's Concordance/ Greek and Hebrew Dictionary
    by James Strong
  • Hcsb Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
  • Daily light Daily Light on the Daily Path
    by Samuel Bagster Family
  • Adrianrogers cover W7-6447 The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection - Sermons
    by Adrian Rogers
  • Adrianrogers cover W7-6450 The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection - Bonus Material
    by Adrian Rogers
  • Critical Reviews

    We need for ministers of the Gospel to defend the Bible as the infallible Word of God; I believe in my heart that Adrian Rogers was such a man. I knew him personally. I had walked with him and prayed with him. I know God’s hand was upon Adrian Rogers as he proclaimed the Bread of Life from his church and through radio and television; I praise God for his ministry.
    Billy Graham, Montreat, North Carolina
    From my perspective, I would like to steer as many people as possible to this library. I don’t know where they could get any better biblically based preaching. What you’re doing to preserve Adrian’s preaching is important, not just because it’s his legacy, but because that’s the kind of rich treasury we need to keep in circulation for the benefit of all serious Christians.
    Chuck Colson, Prison Fellowship
    Adrian Rogers was a global preacher, as well as a local pastor. He was an avid Bible student as well as a gifted Bible teacher. He was a spiritual father to thousands as well as a devoted husband and father to his family. He was a friend to presidents and a shepherd to shut-ins. He had a message of grace, a motivation of the Cross, a ministry of love. Anything we can do today to preserve Adrian Rogers' voice and message will be a benefit to pastors for generations to come.
    Jack Graham, Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX; Past President, Southern Baptist Convention
    Adrian's contribution to this ministry over the years has been incalculable. As a member of our Board of Directors, he has provided godly wisdom and counsel on countless occasions. We couldn't have a better leader filling that vital position. God blessed us significantly in giving us Dr. Rogers
    James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family, American evangelical author, psychologist.
    Through the preaching ministry of Dr. Adrian Rogers, you will understand the entirety of the Bible and be able to apply every major passage to your hearers like never before. The more you are equiped, the greater your effectiveness in your preaching ministry.
    Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor, Woodstock Baptist Church, Atlanta
    When you expose your life to the preaching ministry of Dr. Roger, the light of understanding will be turned on in your life like never before. Be sure to obtain the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection before its too late.
    Raymond Culpepper, General Overseer Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee
    The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection provides the pastor teacher with a priceless treasury of practical tried-and-true messages focused on the precious truth of God’s Holy Word. When I read the messages it seems I can hear the booming voice of this prince of preachers. It is a powerful memorial to the primacy of preaching. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
    Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey, pastor, teacher, mentor, writer, author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice