Golden Nuggets 59-Volume Bundle
Thousands of Sermon Outlines
Publisher: Wordsearch

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  • Thousands of sermon outlines accessible by topic, Scripture text, and author
  • Many are seven-point alliterated sermon outlines
  • Fully revised and updated

Product Details

Golden Nuggets is a bundle of 59 volumes of outstanding sermon outlines covering thousands of topics. Back in the 1960s, evangelist and editor Maze Jackson began collecting and publishing the best sermon outlines he could find. This collection, originally published as a part of The Preacher's Goldmine grew to 59 volumes and was quite popular among preachers and Bible teachers. Sadly, Jackson died in 1996, and Golden Nuggets seemed to fade away. These books are hard to find, but we managed to find all 59 volumes of Golden Nuggets and meticulously formatted each volume for use in Wordsearch Bible. Now this magnificent set is ready to serve you and your ministry.

More Sermons & Lessons Than You Could Preach in a Lifetime

An outline for just about any biblical topic you want to preach or teach on can be found in Golden Nuggets. Hundreds of gifted preachers have contributed to this collection. For example, just by searching "prayer" you'll find over 200 sermon outlines on this topic: Paul's Secrets of Prayer, The World's Shortest Prayer, Great Men and Their Prayers, Conditions of the Heart in Prayer, The Prayer Life of Jesus, and many others. There are over 12,000 sermon outlines total included in this set. They are filled with cross-references that all appear as hyperlinks in Wordsearch, giving you instant access to the complete text.

Most of these sermon outlines are beautifully alliterated, and each volume includes hundreds of powerful outlines, many with detailed sub-points. Also, each volume features a folder of Condensed Outlines that distills a biblical topic down to the bare essentials. These are fun to scan, because, in no time at all, you'll get hundreds of ideas for sermons and lessons of your own.

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About the Author
Maze Jackson (1923-1996) was an American Independent Baptist evangelist, best known as Brother Maze to fellow preachers and friends. The Truck Driver's Special was a long-running radio series popular among truckers and their families, as well as believers from border to border and coast to coast. Bro Maze was also the editor of The Preacher's Goldmine, a sermon and Bible study magazine for ministers. A series of digests from this magazine was called Golden Nuggets.


I am excited to recommend the Golden Nuggets books. I have had them in printed book form for many years. They are a very useful tool for the busy preacher and pastor. I know many of the preachers who contributed their outlines to make these books possible and have great confidence in their ability to study and search the scriptures and put together alliterated outlines that will stir your heart and the hearts of your congregation. Thank you Wordsearch for making these available to all those who preach and teach to change lives.
Dr. Larry Grisham, Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Harrison, TN
I am thrilled to see the Golden Nuggets added to Wordsearch. These volumes represent years of devotion to and study of the Word of God. As a pastor of a local church and a teacher in a Bible Institute, I have found many wonderful resources for building sermons in these volumes. A builder needs good materials to build with. This work is a rich vein of gold laid out for those who value sermonic thinking. Many fit men with fine thinking, fervent truths, and faithful theology have exposed golden nuggets from the gold mine of God's Word for us. Now that these outlines are in a more usable form, their value has only increased. Some of my favorite writers, pastors, and evangelists are glowing and shining in these golden nuggets. They exalt both the WRITTEN WORD and the LIVING WORD! Thanks Wordsearch for your encouragement and enrichment to those of us who preach and to the flocks we feed each week. Thanks to Bro Maze Jackson for gathering and sharing gold for so many years.
Don Smith, Pastor Algoma Baptist Church, Algoma, MS

Products Included In This Bundle

Golden Nuggets on Backsliding, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets on Faith, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets on Funerals, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets on Heaven, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets by Maze Jackson, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets by Sherman Harper, Volume 1
100 Best Revival Sermon Outlines
52 Sunday Night Outlines on the Church
52 Sunday Night Outlines on Revelation
52 Sunday Night Outlines on Prayer, Volume 1
52 Sunday Night Outlines on Prayer, Volume 2
52 Sunday Night Outlines on Prayer, Volume 3
Special Outlines on Christmas
Special Outlines on Easter
Special Outlines on Father's Day
Special Outlines on Mother’s Day
Special Outlines on Thanksgiving
Special Outlines on New Years
Special Outlines on Tithing
Golden Nuggets: Volume 31
Golden Nuggets: Volume 32
Golden Nuggets: Volume 33
Golden Nuggets: Volume 34
Golden Nuggets: Volume 35
Golden Nuggets: Volume 36
Golden Nuggets: Volume 37
Golden Nuggets: Volume 38
Golden Nuggets: Volume 39
Golden Nuggets: Volume 40
Golden Nuggets, Volume 1
Golden Nuggets, Volume 2
Golden Nuggets, Volume 3
Golden Nuggets, Volume 4
Golden Nuggets: Volume 5
Golden Nuggets, Volume 6
Golden Nuggets, Volume 7
Golden Nuggets, Volume 8
Golden Nuggets, Volume 9
Golden Nuggets, Volume 10
Golden Nuggets, Volume 11
Golden Nuggets, Volume 12
Golden Nuggets, Volume 13
Golden Nuggets, Volume 14
Golden Nuggets, Volume 15
Golden Nuggets, Volume 16
Golden Nuggets, Volume 17
Golden Nuggets, Volume 18
Golden Nuggets, Volume 19
Golden Nuggets, Volume 20
Golden Nuggets, Volume 21
Golden Nuggets, Volume 22
Golden Nuggets, Volume 23
Golden Nuggets, Volume 24
Golden Nuggets, Volume 25
Golden Nuggets, Volume 26
Golden Nuggets, Volume 27
Golden Nuggets, Volume 28
Golden Nuggets, Volume 29
Golden Nuggets, Volume 30
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