Classic Sermons Series
By: Warren W. Wiersbe (Editor)

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The Classic Sermons Series is 39 volumes compiled by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe. This collection of over 400 great sermons has been carefully organized by topic and will be a valuable resource when added to your Wordsearch library.

Wiersbe is a well-known and trusted theologian, pastor, and teacher. He is also the author of The BE Series. In the 1980s, Wiersbe started collecting and publishing the books of sermons in the Classic Sermons Series. They are the best he could find on what he considered “significant themes of the Bible.”

Each volume covers one of these significant themes. Some of the themes include:

Angels, Attributes of God, Christian Service, Death and Dying, Faith and Doubt, Fruit of the Spirit, Heaven and Hell, Hope, Jesus the Shepherd, Miracles of Jesus, Overcoming Fear, Prayer, Seasons of Life, Resurrection of Christ, Spiritual Warfare, Suffering, World Evangelism, plus 22 more. (See the Included Products list below.)

Sermons from a Who's Who of Great Preachers

You'll find compelling sermons from great preachers. You'll recognize names such as:

  • Charles H. Spurgeon
  • Alexander Maclaren
  • D. L. Moody
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • George Whitefield
  • George W. Truett
  • Alexander Whyte
  • John Wesley
  • Henry Ironside
  • And Many Others

The Many Benefits of the Classic Sermons Series

It was never Wiersbe's intention for preachers and teachers to take these sermons to the pulpit and use as their own. But Wiersbe points out that reading these sermons while studying a particular theme will "enrich your spiritual life and your skills as an interpreter and expounder of God's truth." Furthermore, you will find plenty of ideas and illustrations that are easy to incorporate into your own sermons and lessons. These sermons are organized in a way that make it easy to gather a lot of focused knowledge. Plus, the powerful cross-referencing and topical searches in Wordsearch connect this tool to many of the other resources in your library.

Scripture-Synced Sermons

You'll also appreciate that this collection of sermons makes use of the Scripture-Synced Sermons function in WS10 and WS11. You already know how helpful syncing can be when you open Bibles and commentaries in Wordsearch. They stay in sync and scroll together. Imagine having this function with sermon collections. That's what is now possible with Scripture-Synced Sermons. All 39 volumes of the Classic Sermons Series are fully synced to Scripture.

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Products Included In This Bundle

Classic Sermons on Death and Dying
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Angels
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Christian Service
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Faith and Doubt
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Family and Home
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Heaven and Hell
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Hope
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Jesus the Shepherd
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Judas Iscariot
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Lesser-Known Bible Characters
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Old Testament Prophets
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Overcoming Fear
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Praise
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on World Evangelism
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Prayer
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Revival and Spiritual Renewal
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Word of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Spiritual Warfare
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Will of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Sovereignty of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Second Coming and Other Prophetic Themes
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Seasons of Life
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Stewardship
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Resurrection of Christ
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Names of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on Suffering
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Prodigal Son
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Fruit of the Spirit
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Parables of Jesus
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Grace of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Apostle Paul
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Miracles of Jesus
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Apostle Peter
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Love of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Attributes of God
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Holy Spirit
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Lord's Prayer
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Birth of Christ
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)
Classic Sermons on the Church
Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)