Seminary Hill Press Bundle
7 Volumes
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The Seminary Hill Press Bundle includes 7 volumes from the publishing arm of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It includes:

Everyday Apologetics by Travis Dickinson

Why does God allow so much evil in the world? Are there contradictions in Scripture? Is science in conflict with faith? While we might want to avoid thinking about these questions, asking questions is a means of loving God with our minds.Everyday Apologetics addresses the misconceptions of apologetics, the reasonableness of faith, the reliability of Scripture, and more.

Everyday Evangelism by Matt Queen

A culture of everyday evangelism in churches can impact the church as well as the local community. Motivating your church to have this culture can be tough, but Everyday Evangelism can give you the tools to debunk the myths of personal evangelism and provide encouragement, insight, and practical steps to create the kind of culture that makes evangelism a part of everyday routine.

Anatomy of a Reformation by Paige Patterson

Looking back at the history of the Southern Baptist Convention, Paige Patterson brings you back to 1978, when conservative leaders formulated a plan to return the SBC to its biblical roots, including the inerrancy of the Bible and the election of Adrian Rogers as SBC president. Leaders will appreciate reading about how the people who sought the reshaping of the SBC defended their convictions and how this affected the path of the SBC and its future.

Conservative Resurgence by Paige Patterson

Starting with the history and theological drift of the Southern Baptist Convention from World War II until the 1980s, this book explains the shift to the conservative resurgence in the domination. Understanding what happened helps build a framework for future generations to avoid the pitfalls and issues that arose by showing how they were dealt with. Patterson offers his assessment and what the future looks like for the convention.

The Troubled and Triumphant Church by Paige Patterson

The Christians in first century Corinth were troubled by many of the same issues churches still face today: rampant sexual immorality, misunderstandings, doctrinal disputes, elevation of human reason over the faith, and more. This book examines 1 Corinthians and how it relates to the current problems we face today. Recommended for Bible study groups, this book paves the way for better understanding and gives Scriptural solutions for common Christian concerns.

Mysteries of the Bush by Paige & Amour Patterson

If you have a son, you desire for him to be a strong believer and a generous contributor to the world. Mysteries of the Bush combines a father and son’s narratives with insight from God’s Word that will bring you counsel. Relating their experience from an African safari to their relationship, Patterson and his son learn the love they have for each other and gain a renewed respect for the grandeur of God.

Where's Mom? by Dorothy Patterson

Wives and mothers have a high calling in biblical teaching. Women who find themselves enslaved to the priorities of work and career also face the challenges of raising children and homemaking. Gain understanding of how these dual responsibilities often crowd out time for personal creativity. Patterson urges women to reconsider their priorities and not forget who they are meant to be.

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Products Included In This Bundle

Matt Queen (Author)
An Exposition of First Corinthians
Paige Patterson (Author)
Paige Patterson (Author), Armour Patterson (Author)
Dr. Travis Dickinson (Author)
The History. The Plan. The Assessment
Paige Patterson (Author)
The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective
Dorothy Kelley Patterson (Author)
The Southern Baptist Convention: 1978-2004
Paige Patterson (Author)