Explore the Bible Study Bundle PC
This product is an electronic addition to your Wordsearch digital library. It is not a physical product or a stand-alone program.

Product Details

Wordsearch Bible is LifeWay’s digital solution for desktop and online Bible study. Think of Wordsearch as a limitless bookshelf of helpful Bible study tools that can instantly search any Bible verse or topic. You can compare multiple Bible translations side-by-side, and quickly find expert commentary, life applications, and inspiration with just a click or two.

The Explore the Bible Study Bundle was created to assist you in your studies of Exodus and Leviticus, the current Explore the Bible curriculum. This includes commentaries on Exodus and Leviticus from LifeWay’s most authorative resources, including the New American Commentary, the Holman Old Testament Commentary, and the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary.

Products Included In This Bundle

By: Allan Moseley, Dr. Daniel L. Akin (Editor), and Tony Merida
Holman Old Testament Commentary - Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers
By: Glen Martin
Vol. 3a
By: Mark F. Rooker
By: Holman Bible Staff
By: David Dockery
Nac exodus
Vol 2.
By: Douglas Stuart
A Concise, Thorough Interpretation of the Entire Bible Designed Especially for Sunday School Teachers
By: H. Franklin Paschall and Herschel H. Hobbs
HCSB Study Bible
Holman bible atlas
A Complete Guide to the Expansive Geography of Biblical History
By: Thomas V. Brisco