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Word Biblical Commentary
61 Volume Bundle
Publisher: Zondervan

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  • Solid evangelical scholarship, presented with a firm commitment to the authority of Scripture as divine revelation
  • Detailed word studies
  • Designed for professional scholars, teachers, seminary students, and working minister
  • Major discoveries in the historical, textural, and archaeological fields thoroughly analyzed
  • Includes author translations
  • Named as one of the 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary

Product Details

The Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) is a set of excellent scholarship. Each volume offers accurate, focused, and inspiring commentary. Instead of having one dominant focus like other commentaries, the WBC is expositional, critical, homiletical, and devotional all at once, while also providing summaries and applications.

Highly acclaimed by preachers, teachers, and the academic community, over 50 top Bible scholars (all with a high view of Scripture and divine revelation) have contributed to this work. Each scholar was chosen for his particular field of expertise, giving each volume a focused level of scholarship. 

The WBC is formatted in a way that is easy to follow and that lends itself to excellent Bible study technique. Every passage covered by the commentary is organized in this way:

  • Translation - Every author begins each passage with his own translation from the original language. Every word has been carefully considered, and in the following sections you will find a wealth of evidence that explains his specific choices of translated words.
  • Introductions offer an extensive information on the author, background, history, cultural issues, and theological considerations of the book.
  • Forms/Structure/Settings deals with language issues. It discusses whether a text was written like a poem, song, prayer, command, etc. Much attention is paid to language issues and grammatical concerns.
  • Commentary is the heart of this work. You'll find it to be well-researched and thorough. The authors offer much detail concerning the original languages, giving you deep understanding of Greek and Hebrew words and phrases. The word studies alone in this series are worth the price of the set.
  • Explanation provides a summary of the study on each passage written in a way that allows you to find practical ways to apply this text for preaching, teaching, and ministry.

The WBC is great for preparing sermons and deeper Bible study. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a stronger theological understanding of Scripture. In Wordsearch, you’ll be able use these volumes much easier than if you had hard copies. You can compare translations, cross-reference, see what other commentaries have to say, and more, all in one place.

Read an excerpt of the volume on Genesis.

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