The Gift of Sacrifice

Leviticus 1–7

Leviticus 1–7 introduces the gifts of sacrifice. Two series of instructions identify the gifts and outline how they are to be brought to God. The first (1:3–6:7; MT: 1:3–5:26) deals with five major offerings, each presented from the perspective of the donor: burnt offerings, cereal offerings, well-being offerings, purification offerings, and reparation offerings. The first three of these are voluntary offerings; the last two are required. The second series (6:8–7:36; MT: 6:1–7:36) addresses the same offerings, this time from the perspective of the priests. The two sets of instructions are framed by an introduction (1:1–2) and a conclusion (7:37–38) that tie all the offerings to the revelation from God to Moses at the tent of meeting that was erected at Sinai (cf. Exodus 25–31, 35–40).