Coffman Commentary Series
37 Volumes
By: James Burton Coffman
Publisher: ACU Press

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The Coffman Commentary Series is a 37-volume verse-by-verse commentary covering all 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. Loved by preachers and teachers, many consider it to be one of the finest modern, conservative commentaries ever written.

The Godly Wisdom of James B. Coffman

Dr. James Coffman spent over 4 decades as a pastor, author, educator, and church leader. Coffman did not begin writing these commentaries until he was in his sixties. He completed them when he was 87 and lived to be 101. The Coffman Commentaries contain the wisdom of a seasoned scholar with deep roots in ministry.

Coffman's Complete & Conservative Commentary

One of the many things to like about the Coffman Commentary is that it's conservative. Coffman holds tightly to the inerrancy of Scripture. He is keenly aware of the arguments of liberal theology and often debunks them with intellect and truth.

Coffman says, "Many believers in Christ throughout the world today have had more than enough of the denials and speculations of Bible enemies; and in this commentary, we have dared to call the popular theories what they really are."

Another thing you'll love about Coffman is how thoroughly he covers each passage. He carefully considers each passage from every angle, even noting the views of others with whom he disagrees. He offers far more than his opinions, backing everything up with what the Scripture says, and also adding his wealth of research. The bibliography of his commentary on the book of Genesis contains 84 works he consulted and cited for Genesis alone.

A Commentary of Clarity

Coffman addresses every passage of Scripture with the full attention each requires. Some verses are difficult, requiring prayer and meditation to be understood. This is the hard work that Coffman was happy to do. The result is an easy-to-read commentary that exposes one beautiful truth after another.

For example, in the second chapter of Acts, Coffman has a lot to offer. Below is a short segment from Coffman's introductory remarks to Peter's Pentecost Sermon found in this chapter. It shows Coffman's writing style and his clarity of thought.

The classical judgment of any public address must take account of: (1) the occasion, (2) the speaker, (3) the subject matter, and (4) the results; and by any or all of these criteria, Peter's address recorded here must be hailed as the most wonderful ever given. It was the birthday of the New Institution, the official emergence of the kingdom of God among men. That occasion was the precise moment toward which all the prophecies for thousands of years had pointed. The 'new creation' was wrought that day.

Regarding the speaker, the rugged fisherman of Galilee, the bold outdoorsman with the ready tongue and fiery disposition, the man who shortly before had denied the Christ whom he was then to proclaim, the natural leader of the Twelve, and the type of man who could command the respect of all - that man was the speaker, and no more effective a person for such a task could be imagined.

The subject matter was human salvation and the procurement of it in Jesus Christ the risen Lord. Where was ever a nobler theme? And the results: three thousand souls believed in the Lord, repented of their sins, and were baptized into Christ in a single day! Let men study this speech, and like those who first heard it, they will be amazed and marvel.

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About the Author:

James Burton Coffman has accomplished what few men in our generation have even attempted, i.e., a complete commentary on the Bible. These books are now being used literally all over the world. His works have been acclaimed by many, and three colleges and universities awarded him honorary doctorates on the basis of his work.

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