1. The Secure Mother

Finding Our Identity in Christ

Ephesians 1:3-14

Really only one thing helps me maintain my integrity and composure at soccer games or volleyball matches: sitting as close as possible to the opposing team’s fans. It serves as a much needed barrier against my rants and ravings! If I have to sit next to the parent of another child, they become real and personal. It’s much more difficult after that to demonize the other team, scream at the ref or complain about my child’s playing time.

My responses at athletic competitions represent an area in need of constant redemption. I begin every game by telling myself I’ll be positive, encouraging and quiet. Yet at every game I struggle to do just that. I can justify my agitation by saying I just want my child to do well and to succeed, but it goes much deeper than that. What’s at the root of my behavior? If my son succeeds, then I succeed. And if I succeed I am worth something. I am valuable. Our identity is so often misplaced. Who can rescue us?

Group Discussion. In what ways do you feel insecure as a mother? What makes you anxious or worried?

Personal Reflection. Trying to be as honest with yourself as possible, how do you think God sees you or feels about you?

The first chapter of the book of Ephesians is a theological gem, in part because it answers the question of who we are. The true answer to that question is one we can’t hear enough. Read Ephesians 1:3-14.

  1. When you hear the phrase “spiritual blessings,” what are some thoughts that come to mind?
  2. List the blessings that Paul names in this passage that God has given his people.
  3. What do verses 3-10 reveal about God’s heart and emotions toward his people?
  4. How does the image of adoption help us understand our relationship with God?
  5. In what ways do we as mothers try to earn God’s love and impress others in order to feel secure?
  6. How do verses 3-10 help us set aside our insecurity and self-doubt in our parenting?
  7. Identify some mistakes and regrets you have from this past week as a mom. How does the truth that we have redemption and the forgiveness of sins (v. 7) affect those memories?
  8. How does Paul describe the purpose of God’s activity in the world in verses 9-14?
  9. How can this eternal and all-encompassing view of God’s purpose in the world transform our daily lives as mothers?
  10. In verses 11-14 Paul reminds us that the Holy Spirit is our deposit and the guarantee that we will inherit redemption. How do you see the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life as a mom?
  11. Think back to the personal reflection or group discussion question at the beginning of the study. What aspect of this passage in Ephesians speaks most powerfully to the area in your life you described in that question?
  12. This passage is filled with the lavishness of God toward us. Think about either a specific way you need to experience his lavishness or a way you can lavish his love on your children this week.

Pray in an attitude of thankfulness for all the blessings that have been described in this passage. Thank the Lord for the specific ways in which these blessings have been seen in your life.

Now or Later

Read Colossians 1:15-20. Reflect on the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. How does this picture of Jesus help you cope with the challenges of motherhood?