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Hermeneia: A Critical & Historical Commentary on the Bible 51 Volumes
Publisher: Fortress Press
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This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 11 , WORDsearch 10, or FREE WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.

Product Details

The word hermeneia is a Greek word that means interpretation or translation. In the ancient world, hermeneia was traditionally used to describe the meticulous and thorough exposition of Scripture. Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible is written and designed to follow that ancient principle. This 51-volume commentary is massive in scope and will help you understand the history of the Bible and how it has been interpreted over time.

Over 30,000 Pages of Scholarship

A commentary this large can be intimidating, but the reason Hermeneia has over 30,000 pages is because the editors didn’t want to put an arbitrary limit on their work. The commentators were able to explore each passage and how it was interpreted over time as fully as necessary. When they explain what they see as a problem of interpretation, they provide you with the full critical discussion, along with the sources and information of where it came from.

For example, the volume on Mark explains the history of controversy over the “short” or “long” ending of the gospel book. Each argument is thoroughly researched, including which manuscripts include which ending, what the church has historically accepted, how the language of the book is structured, and how the two versions “competed for centuries.” The author also uses knowledge of Jewish and Greco-Roman literature of the first century to provide context that illuminates the overall literary form of the gospel, including the language and style of Mark’s writing.

Scholarship That Will Affirm Your Faith

Each volume engages with the scholarship of today to discover what the writer of each Bible book was trying to tell the reader. What was the intention of the writer? Why does that matter to us today? Using Hermeneia in your sermon preparation and research will give you a heightened appreciation of theology and get closer to the text.

Hermeneia Highlights the Text’s Human Relevance

In the Hermeneia volumes, you will find various interpretations from the great theologians and church historians of the past. Critically reading these interpretations can help you understand how people have understood the Bible throughout time and applied it to their lives. The authors use their knowledge of the language, structure, and history of the various time periods to provide textual criticism, methods of the history of tradition, and the history of religion.While one or two authors may take a more moderate position on certain passages, D.A. Carson believes that this "series remains invaluable for the serious exegete and expositor."

Plus, even though there might be, for example, 800 pages covering the book of Mark, WORDsearch saves you from hours of page turning to look things up. Searching is fast and easy, and your commentary stays in sync with any Bible translation of your choice. Click on a word to access your language tools for more information. Mouse-over a footnote to find a source. Find something you can use and drag it to a document where you're creating a sermon or lesson.

Click on the yellow “Sample” button underneath the book cover image to read a sample.

Included Products

  • Hermzep Hermeneia: Zephaniah
    by Paul D. Hanson (Editor) and Marvin A. Sweeney
  • Herm1chr Hermeneia: 1 Chronicles
    by Ralph W. Klein and Thomas Kruger (Editor)
  • Herm2chr Hermeneia: 2 Chronicles
    by Ralph W. Klein and Paul D. Hanson (Editor)
  • Hermmic Hermeneia: Micah
    by Paul D. Hanson and Delbert R. Hillers
  • Hermson Hermeneia: The Song of Songs
    by S. Dean McBride (Editor) and Roland E. Murphy
  • Hermdan Hermeneia: Daniel
    by John J. Collins
  • Hermamos Hermeneia: Amos
    by Shalom M. Paul
  • Hermhosea Hermeneia: Hosea
    by Paul D. Hanson (Editor), Gary Stansell (Translator), and Hans Walter Wolff
  • Hermjer1 Hermeneia: Jeremiah 1 : Chapters 1-25
    by Paul D. Hanson
  • Hermjer2 Hermeneia: Jeremiah 2
    by Paul D. Hanson and William L. Holladay
  • Hermpsa2 Hermeneia: Psalms 2 : A Commentary on Psalms 51-100
    by Klaus Baltzer (Editor), Linda M. Maloney (Translator), Frank Lothar Hossfeld, and Erich Zenger
  • Hermpsa3 Hermeneia: Psalms 3 : Psalms 101-150
    by Klaus Baltzer, Linda M. Maloney, Frank Lothar Hossfeld, and Erich Zenger
  • Hermeze1 Hermeneia: Ezekiel 1
    by Walther Zimmerli, Leonard Jay Greenspoon (Editor), and Robert E. Clements
  • Hermeze2 Hermeneia: Ezekiel 2
    by Walther Zimmerli, Paul D. Hanson (Editor), Leonard Jay Greenspoon (Editor), and James D. Martin (Translator)
  • Herm4ezra Hermeneia: Fourth Ezra
    by Frank Moore Cross (Editor) and Michael E. Stone
  • Hermmatt1 Hermeneia: Matthew 1-7
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), Ulrich Luz, and James E. Crouch (Translator)
  • Hermmatt3 Hermeneia: Matthew 21-28
    by Ulrich Luz
  • Hermmatt2 Hermeneia: Matthew 8-20
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), Ulrich Luz, and James E. Crouch (Translator)
  • Hermserm Hermeneia: The Sermon on the Mount
    by Hans Dieter Betz
  • Hermmark Hermeneia: Mark
    by Harold W. Attridge
  • Hermluke1 Hermeneia: Luke 1 : Luke 1:1-9:50
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), François Bovon, and Christine M. Thomas (Translator)
  • Hermluke2 Hermeneia: Luke 2 : Luke 9:51-19:27
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), François Bovon, and Donald S. Deer (Translator)
  • Hermjohn1 Hermeneia: John 1 : John, Chapters 1-6
    by Robert W. Funk (Editor), Ernst Haenchen, and Ulrich Busse (Editor)
  • Hermjohn2 Hermeneia: John 2 : John, Chapters 7-21
    by Robert W. Funk (Editor), Ernst Haenchen, and Ulrich Busse (Editor)
  • Hermacapo Hermeneia: Acts of the Apostles
    by Hans Conzelmann, Eldon Jay Epp (Editor), James Limburg (Translator), and A. Thomas Kraabel (Translator)
  • Hermacts Hermeneia: Acts
    by Harold W. Attridge (Editor) and Richard I. Pervo
  • Hermrom Hermeneia: Romans
    by Eldon Jay Epp (Editor) and Robert Jewett
  • Herm1cor Hermeneia: 1 Corinthians
    by Hans Conzelmann, George W. MacRae (Editor), and James W. Leitch
  • Herm2cor89 Hermeneia: 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 : A Commentary on Two Administrative Letters of the Apostle Paul
    by George W. MacRae (Editor) and Hans Dieter Betz
  • Hermgal Hermeneia: Galatians
    by Hans Dieter Betz
  • Hermcol Hermeneia: Colossians and Philemon
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), Eduard Lohse, William R. Poehlmann (Translator), and Robert J. Karris (Translator)
  • Hermheb Hermeneia: Hebrews
    by Harold W. Attridge and Helmut Koester (Editor)
  • Hermjas Hermeneia: James
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), Martin Dibelius, Michael A. William (Translator), and Martin Greeven
  • Herm1pet Hermeneia: 1 Peter
    by Eldon Jay Epp (Editor) and Paul J. Achtemeier
  • Hermpast Hermeneia: The Pastoral Epistles
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), Hans Conzelmann, Martin Dibelius, Philip Buttolph (Translator), and Adela Yarbro (Translator)
  • Hermdeutisa Hermeneia: Deutero-Isaiah : Commentary on Isaiah 40-55
    by Klaus Baltzer, Peter Machinist (Editor), and Margaret Kohl (Translator)
  • Herm2macc Hermeneia: 2 Maccabees
    by Harold W. Attridge (Editor) and Robert Doran
  • Hermqoh Hermeneia: Qoheleth
    by Klaus Baltzer (Editor), O. C. Dean (Translator), and Thomas Kruger
  • Hermherm Hermeneia: Shepherd of Hermas
    by Carolyn Osiek and Helmut Koester (Editor)
  • Hermapotrad Hermeneia: The Apostolic Tradition
    by Harold W. Attridge (Editor), Paul F. Bradshaw, Maxwell E. Johnson, and L. Edward Phillips
  • Herm1isa Hermeneia: First Isaiah
    by J. J. M. Roberts and Peter Machinist (Editor)
  • Hermjoeam Hermeneia: Joel and Amos
    by Hans Walter Wolff, S. Dean McBride, and Waldemar Janzen
  • Hermcritq Hermeneia: The Critical Edition of Q
    by James M. Robinson (Editor), John S. Kloppenborg (Editor), and Paul Hoffman (Editor)
  • Hermdid Hermeneia: The Didache
    by Harold W. Attridge (Editor) and Kurt Niederwimmer
  • Hermjnlet Hermeneia: The Johannine Letters
    by Georg Strecker
  • Hermodes Hermeneia: The Odes of Solomon
    by Michael Lattke and Marianne Ehrhardt
  • Hermignatius Hermeneia: Ignatius of Antioch
    by Helmut Koester (Editor) and William R. Schoedel
  • Herm1en1 Hermeneia: 1 Enoch 1 : Chapters 1-36; 81-108
    by Klaus Baltzer (Editor) and George W. E. Nickelsburg
  • Herm1en2 Hermeneia: 1 Enoch 2 : Chapters 37-82
    by George W. E. Nickelsburg and James C. VanderKam
  • Hermluke3 Hermeneia: Luke 3 : A Commentary on 19:28-24:53
    by Helmut Koester (Editor), James E. Crouch (Translator), and François Bovon
  • Hermjohepi Hermeneia: The Johannine Epistles
    by Rudolph Bultmann