Biblical Illustrator Treasury Bundle
Acts, Romans, Revelation
Author: Various
Category: Bundles, Study Helps

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Discover the Biblical Illustrator Treasury

For more than 40 years, our parent company, LifeWay Christian Resources has published a magnificent quarterly journal known as the Biblical Illustrator. What they have managed to do, year after year, is to bring fascinating images and archaeological finds to light that constantly confirm the truths we read in God's Word. LifeWay has published these articles and discoveries to support the preaching and teaching of specific books of the Bible and biblical topics.

Four decades of discovery is indeed a treasury. The Wordsearch team is developing this treasury book-by-book for your use in ministry. The first 3 volumes in this collection (included in this bundle) cover the books of Revelation, Romans, and Acts.

Amazing Graphics


You'll be inspired by the beautiful photography and amazing graphic images included in these volumes. Photographs of statues, ancient archaeological sites, Bible maps, and original documents will bring your studies of God's Word to life.

Here's a Small Sample

The volume on Romans has many interesting articles such as: Rome: The Growth of the Eternal City; Nero: Ruler of Rome; The Sexual Culture of Ancient Rome; Baptismal Practices in the Early Church, and many others. In studying Romans 3-5, there is an article titled The Roman View of Life After Death. The scholar who wrote this article takes us all the way back to ancient Greece to learn how the first century Romans approached the concept of an afterlife, immortality, and resurrection. An awareness of how this culture's beliefs evolved over the centuries gives us a deeper understanding of how Paul preached to the Romans and won so many converts. Like most articles in the Biblical Illustrator Treasury, this essay is peppered with cross-references and footnotes, all which are handy hyperlinks in Wordsearch.

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