Broadman Bible Commentary
13 Volumes
By: Clifton J. Allen
Category: Commentary Sets

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The Broadman Bible Commentary is a 13-volume commentary on the entire Bible that was first published in the 1960s. Beloved by those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word, it has since gone out of print and can be hard to find. Our parent company, B&H Publishing Group, holds the rights to this great work and this has allowed us to create a digital edition for your Wordsearch library.

A Commentary for Those Who Love God's Word

The Broadman Bible Commentary was written for everyone with a desire to dig deeper into God's Word. This includes scholars, preachers, teachers and Bible students. The editors of this work make this clear in their preface to the series:

The Broadman Bible Commentary presents current biblical study within the context of strong faith in the authority, adequacy, and reliability of the Bible as the Word of God. It seeks to offer help and guidance to the Christian who is willing to undertake Bible study as a serious, rewarding pursuit. The publisher thus has defined the scope and purpose of the commentary to produce a work suited to the Bible study needs of both ministers and laymen. The findings of biblical scholarship are presented so that readers without formal theological education can use them in their own Bible study. Footnotes and technical words are limited to essential information.

Furthermore, the editors of this work tell us this commentary avoids current theological fads and changing theories. It concerns itself with the deep realities of God’s dealings with men, his revelation in Christ, his eternal gospel, and his purpose for the redemption of the world. It seeks to relate the word of God in Scripture and in the living Word to the deep needs of persons and to mankind in God’s world.

Trustworthy Scholarship – Easy to Read and Understand

Each contributor was carefully selected for their reverent Christian faith and their knowledge of Bible truth. Keeping in mind the needs of a general readership, the writers present accurate information about the language and history to clarify the meaning of the text. They address Bible problems, not only in language, but also in doctrine, with a focus on how we should understand and apply the Bible.

The absolute readability of the commentary text throughout the series is impressive. Each section reads like an interesting story that makes you eager to read more. Here's a small sample from 1 Samuel 25. This is the first paragraph that introduces the story of of David and Abigail.

"This account of David’s marriage to Abigail ranks as one of the literary masterpieces of the Old Testament. The author has combined sharp character portrayals, romance, intrigue, wisdom, and humor into one of the best examples of short story writing in ancient literature. It is not a simple story, however. What at first appears to be just a well-narrated account of one of David’s more interesting marriages in reality tells of a subtle, but serious, moral crisis in David’s life."

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