New Covenant Commentary Series (12-Vol.)
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The New Covenant Commentary Series (NCCS) is designed for pastors and students who want rigorous engagement with the Scripture text, but don’t want to drown in a sea of details. Focused on the big picture, the NCCS provides commentary passage-by-passage, unpacking the main themes of each book. The NCCS also pays specific attention to how the text impacts your faith - and the faith communities you lead or are a part of. This accessible, yet profound, commentary will help you create meaningful sermons and lessons.

Global Perspective

The authors are drawn from every continent of the world (except Antarctica). This makes the NCCS the most globally-sensitive commentary published today, with authors from countries such as the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, the United Kingdom, Kenya, India, Singapore, and Korea. This diverse array of backgrounds provides you with new ideas and reflections that you might not have come across before in your study.

Helpful, Reflective Applications

Throughout the volumes, the authors will often pause and reflect on the relevance of the passage and its meaning in two special sections titled "Fusing the Horizons" and "Forming the Community." Here, the authors provide perspective into how the text shapes the mission & character of the believing community and the ministry of Christian leaders. They ask questions like, Why does this matter? How does it affect you? How do we apply this to our church and live it out? How do we move this from the ancient world to the modern world? These sections provide excellent material for personal reflections that can then be taught to those in your ministry.

The many cross-references used in this commentary also make it perfect for Wordsearch. You can easily hover over each one to reference the verse.

About the Series Editors

Michael Bird is New Testament Tutor at the Highland Theological College in Scotland. He is the author of Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission, The Saving Righteousness of God, A Bird's Eye-View of Paul, and with James Crossley, How Did Christianity Begin? He is also coeditor of the New Covenant Commentary Series.

Craig S. Keener (PhD, Duke University) is F. M. and Ada Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is author of seventeen books, four of which have won major awards, more than seventy academic articles, several booklets, and more than one hundred fifty popular-level articles. One of his books, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, now in a second edition, has sold more than half a million copies. His books include commentaries on Matthew, Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Revelation, a two-volume on John and a four-volume commentary on Acts, plus a two-volume work on miracles, works about the Spirit, ethnic reconciliation, women in ministry, divorce and various other topics. Craig is the New Testament editor for a forthcoming NIV study Bible focused on Bible background. Craig is married to Dr. Medine Moussounga Keener, who was a refugee in her home country of Congo for eighteen months.