The Bible Expositor's Handbook - OT/NT Bundle
2 Volumes
By: Greg Harris
Publisher: B&H Academic
Category: Bundles, Handbooks

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Core truth: Never go to God’s Word merely for a sermon or bible lesson; go to God’s Word for truth; the preaching or teaching comes from those truths.

As a preacher or teacher of God’s Word, your expository preaching or teaching can only be as good as your expository study of the Bible. The Bible Expositor’s Handbook - OT/NT Bundle seeks to help you grow in your understanding of the Word. You'll discover after using these resources that you are well-equipped to create biblically faithful expositional sermons and lessons. Taking the time and effort to establish a fundamental starting point to understand and exposit God’s Word will not only benefit you, but also the people you serve.

Using the Bible as his only source, author Greg Harris, department head and professor of Bible exposition at The Master’s Seminary, shows you the continuity and cohesiveness of God’s Word, letting the Bible answer its own questions. Packed full of Scripture references and written with clarity and wisdom, The Bible Expositor’s Handbook - OT/NT Bundle is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to understand the redemptive story of the whole Bible. You’ll walk away from these volumes confident in what God’s Word says.

Each of the 30 chapters (15 Old Testament and 15 New Testament) includes an introduction and conclusion video (that open in an internet browser), along with pause points where Harris will include a Core, Key, or Crucial Truth, a point to consider, and “Deeper Walk Study Questions.”

A sampling of chapter titles:

  • The Old Testament is the Story of Jesus
  • Four Biblical Examples of Moses Writing About Jesus
  • The Mosaic Covenant and Its Biblical Relevance
  • The Gospel According to Isaiah
  • Five Theological Bombshells from Matthew 16
  • And How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher?
  • Twelve Things Most People Do Not Know About the Book of Hebrews
  • A Broad Theological walk Through the Book of Revelation

About the Author:

Gregory Harris is Professor of Bible Exposition at The Master's Seminary.


The Bible Expositor's Commentary: New Testament takes the reader on a tour of the New Tesatment with Greg Harris as guide extraordinaire. Each step along the way, our guide directs our attention to the most significant theological themes and provides sound commentary to resolve interpretive issues. He also points out the hazards that can be encountered on our journey through the New Testament text - the exegetical pitfalls to avoid. When combined with the OT volume, the student of Scripture possesses the best expositor’s theological guidebook available today.
Dr. Bill Barrick, professor of Old Testament, (retired) The Master’s Seminary