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The Wordsearch 12 Teaching Library is perfect for you if you find yourself teaching Bible lessons to others in small groups or Sunday school. It was specifically chosen to contain works that will assist you in teaching the Bible.

Included are:

  • 10 Bibles
  • 16 Commentaries
  • 1 Cross-Reference works
  • 3 Devotionals
  • 6 Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  • 5 Handbooks
  • 4 History and Culture Works
  • 2 Maps & Atlases
  • 3 Photograph & Art Resources
  • 10 Study Helps
  • 8 Theology Works
  • 5 Topics & Cross Reference Tools
  • 4 Word Studies Resources, and more.

Products Included In This Bundle

20,000 Topics and Sub-topics 30,000 Bible References
Ruben Archer Torrey
Charles Grandison Finney
On the Whole Bible
Robert Jamieson (Author), A. R. Fausset (Author), David Brown (Author)
The Most Literal is Now More Readable
Gustav Dore
Roswell Dwight Hitchcock
Prophecies, Laws, Life
Elizabeth Cogan
Elizabeth Cogan (Author)
6 Volume Set
Archibald Thomas Robertson
John Foxe (Author)
Marvin R. Vincent (Author)
St. Augustine of Hippo
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Thomas à Kempis
Orville J Nave
John Milton (Author)
John Milton (Author)
The IVP Bible Background Commentary - New Testament, First Edition
Craig S. Keener
Containing an Original Exposition on the Book of Psalms
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Proven Techniques for Discovering the Truths of Scripture and Putting Them Into Practice Today
Dave Veerman (Author)
Martin Luther
An A to Z Guide to Following Christ in Every Aspect of Life
Robert Banks (Author), R. Paul Stevens (Author)
Eight Volumes
Edward McKendree Bounds (Author)
In Modern Speech
Richard Francis Weymouth (Author)
Hannah Whitall Smith
John Bunyan (Author)
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (Author), Peter H. Davids (Author), Manfred T. Brauch (Author)
Lawrence Richards
Daily Devotionals
R. Dwight Hill (Author)
The Best Rule of a Holy Life
Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection
St. John of the Cross
William Evans (Author)
Charles Hodge (Author)
James Arminius (Author)
Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots
John Charles Ryle (Author)
Charles Monroe Sheldon
Ruben Archer Torrey
Completely Revised, Updated and Expanded
Trent Butler (Author), Chad Brand (Author), Charles W. Draper (Author), Archie England (Author)
Charles Hodge (Author)
Charles Hodge (Author)
Revised Student Editon
John Bertram Phillips
David S. Dockery (Author)
Five Hundred Thousand Scripture References and Parallel Passages
Ruben Archer Torrey
The Beauty of Holiness
Andrew Murray
The Example of Christ
James Stalker (Author)
William Henry Thomas Griffith (Author)
From the Editors of Christian History Magazine
Mark Galli (Author), Ted Olson (Author)
Your Handbook for Life
The Apologetics Study Bible
Ted Cabal
John William McGarvey (Author)
A Concise, Thorough Interpretation of the Entire Bible Designed Especially for Sunday School Teachers
H. Franklin Paschall (Author), Herschel H. Hobbs (Author)
Lawrence Richards (Author)
William Evans (Author)
William Evans
Biblical Principles to Live By
Dr. Gene Getz
With Charts, Maps and Biblical Reconstructions
Paul Wright (Author)
A Book-By-Book Overview
Kendell Easley
A Chronological Daily Bible
130 Arguments for Christian Faith
Edited by Holman Bible Editorial Staff
The Believer's Personal Handbook
An Accessible and Comprehensive Tool for Topical Studies
Martin Manser (Author)
Biblical Illustrator Bible Photos - Paul's Life and Travels
Biblical Illustrator Bible Photos - The Life of Christ
David S. Dockery (Author)
Steven L. Cox (Author)
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