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Opening Up Series
46 Volumes
Publisher: Day One
Category: Commentary Sets

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Product Details

The Opening Up Series was designed to get you and those you teach to open up the Bible.

Written by pastors and those who work in ministry, each volume provides the wisdom of years of experience—and doesn’t shy away from the hard topics. Each of the 46 volumes covers a book of the Bible and has a simple, easy-to-read style to keep you focused and open to learning and reflecting.

Easy to Use and Organized

The volumes start with an overview of the Bible book, including maps and timelines, the structure of the book, and main themes. Each commentary then moves passage-by-passage explaining important verses and what they mean to us today. The end of each section includes verses elsewhere in the Bible for further study, along with questions to think about and discuss. These excellent, thought-provoking questions will facilitate small group discussion or personal reflection that will deepen your understanding of the Bible.

Faithful, Relevant, and Excellent

Providing doctrinal truth and true-to-Scripture exegesis, the Opening Up Series is perfect for anyone who loves to study God’s Word and talk about it. The discussion questions can lead you to a great sermon or lesson idea, and in Wordsearch, you can save all your thoughts alongside the commentary as you go in the Word Processor or NoteStack.

Products Included In This Bundle

Opening Up: 1 Chronicles
Opening Up: 1 Corinthians
Opening Up: 1 Samuel
Opening Up: 1 Thessalonians
Opening Up: 1 Timothy
Opening Up: 2 & 3 John
Opening Up: 2 Chronicles
Opening Up: 2 Peter
Opening Up: 2 Thessalonians
Opening Up: 2 Timothy
Opening Up: Acts
Opening Up: Amos
Opening Up: Colossians and Philemon
Opening Up: Ecclesiastes
Opening Up: Exodus
Opening Up: Ezekiel's Visions
Opening Up: Ezra
Opening Up: Galatians
Opening Up: Genesis
Opening Up: Haggai
Opening Up: Hebrews
Opening Up: Isaiah
Opening Up: James
Opening Up: Joel
Opening Up: John's Gospel
Opening Up: Jonah
Opening Up: Joshua
Opening Up: Judges
Opening Up: Luke's Gospel
Opening Up: Malachi
Opening Up: Matthew's Gospel
Opening Up: Nahum
Opening Up: Philippians
Opening Up: Proverbs
Opening Up: Psalms
Opening Up: Revelation
Opening Up: Ruth
Opening Up: Titus
Opening Up: Zechariah
Opening Up: Zephaniah
Opening Up: Deuteronomy
Opening Up: 2 Samuel
Opening Up: Job
Opening Up: Obadiah
Opening Up: Ephesians
Opening Up: 1 Peter