That Scripture Might Be Fulfilled
Typology and the Death of Christ
Publisher: Xulon Press
Category: Theology

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Christian teaching about the death of Jesus tends to glance quickly at the Old Testament, as if the Old Testament does not provide much insight into the death of Jesus. In contrast, the New Testament authors frequently point to the Old Testament when they teach about Jesus’ death. Similarly, Jesus’ words at the Lord’s Supper are packed with allusions to Old Testament sacrifices. This book provides examples of the rich insights that emerge from following the New Testament’s pointers back to the Old Testament. It examines Old Testament types or patterns that prefigure the death of Jesus. It also encourages reflection and meaningful worship, especially at celebrations of the Lord’s Supper and Easter.

This work by Paul Hoskins is a careful and much needed guide to typology. He rightly defines it and perceptively illustrates it. Along the way, he offers assistance in reading the Fathers, knowing the difference between typology and allegory, avoiding the excesses of typology, and provides profoundly important insight into the meaning of significant biblical texts. A careful reading of this work will likely change your reading of Scripture, and without doubt for the better.

About the Author:

Paul M. Hoskins is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He completed his doctoral work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School under the supervision of D. A. Carson. His published works include articles on the Passover in the Gospel of John and Jesus as the Fulfillment of the Temple in the Gospel of John.