1. Abandoned Affection

Title: Abandoned Affection

Theme: When one's passion has peaked

Text: Revelation 2:1-7

  1. The Speaker of the Hour (1)
    1. The Holy Presence
      His Chief Role (Holdeth)
    2. The Humbling Perception
      His Clear Recollection (Walketh)
  2. The Splendor of Their Hardwork (2-3)
    1. Sound Service in Duty
    2. Strong Stance in Doctrine
  3. The Symptoms of Their Heart (4)
    1. A Great Matter (Nevertheless)
      1. All Is Not Great
      2. All Is Not Good
    2. A Grave Mistake (Somewhat Against)
      1. Discovered Some Unhealthy Signs
      2. Discovered Some Unsatisfactory Situations
    3. A Grievous Move (Thou Hast Left)
      1. Disregarded or Afterthought
      2. Dissolved or Allowed
      3. Departed or Abandoned
    4. A Ghastly Monstrosity (Thy First Love)
      1. Activity but Lack of Affection
        (Affection Had Peaked)
      2. Productivity but Loss of Passion
        (Passion Had Peaked)
  4. The Suggestion of Their Healing (5)
    1. Remember—Challenge Ones Condition
    2. Repent—Change Ones Direction
    3. Return—Correct Ones Affection

2. Amnon Had a Friend

Title: Amnon Had a Friend

Theme: The slow fade of Amnon became a serious fatality

Text: II Samuel 13:1-3

  1. The Unbecoming Family of Amnon
    "The Famous Sin"
    1. Consider the Loose Parents
    2. Consider the Lackadaisical Privileges
  2. The Unseen Feelings of Amnon
    "The Fleshly Struggle"
    1. The Fleshly Longings & Temptation
    2. The Fleshly Lusting & Thoughts
  3. The Unfathomable Failure of Amnon
    "The Forbidden Slide"
    1. Ignore His Common Sense
    2. Ignore His Convicting Spirit (Conscious)
  4. The Unfortunate Friend of Amnon
    "The Foolish Suggestion"
    1. The Older Age of Jonadab
    2. The Outlandish Advice of Jonadab
    3. The Old Adage of Jonadab (Just Do It)
  5. The Unsightly Filthiness of Amnon
    "The Fitting Shame"
    1. The Heinous Deceiving of Tamar
    2. The Horrible Damaging of Tamar
    3. The Hated Disliking of Tamar
  6. The Unsavory Future of Amnon
    "The Family Sorrows"
    1. The Irreparable Disgrace (Tamar-Desolate)
    2. The Irrevocable Damage (Amnon-Death)
    3. The Irreversible Division (Absalom-David)
  7. The Unforeseen Finish of Amnon
    "The Frightful Sight"
    1. Amnon's Untimely Demise
    2. Amnon's Unsightly Death