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Cascade Companions: Scripture's Knowing
A Companion to Biblical Epistemology
Publisher: Cascade Books
Category: Theology

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Scripture's Knowing is a guide to the emerging field of philosophical study of Scripture, specifically about knowing. Assuming that the Scriptures speak verbosely and persistently about knowing, what do the biblical authors have to say? How do they conceptualize ideas like truth and knowledge? Most importantly, how do we come to confidently know anything at all? Scripture's Knowing follows the discourse on knowledge through key biblical texts and shows the similarity of biblical knowing with the scientific enterprise. The findings are linked to the role of ritual in knowing and implications for theologians and churches today.

About the Author:

Dru Johnson is an Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at the King's College in New York City. He is a Research Fellow at the University of St. Andrews (Logos Institute) and formerly the Templeton Senior Research Fellow in Analytic Theology at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Shalem Center (now Herzl Institute) in Jerusalem, Israel (2012-13). Currently, he serves as the co-chair for the Hebrew Bible and Philosophy program unit in the Society of Biblical Literature.


Dru Johnson has done the impossible, giving us an utterly accessible introduction to the problem of how biblical narratives and laws go about offering us knowledge. If you want to understand the process by which we come to see what the biblical story is trying to show us, this is the place to start.
Yoram Hazony, author of The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture and God and Politics in Esther
The many and varied streams of Dru Johnson's own expertise and experience have blended into a single vision in this delightfully seasoned and profound work. Scripture's Knowing is admirably pitched and packaged for easy access and dissemination. Buy it! Read it! Steep in it. Share it with your small group or class or congregation. This transformative understanding of knowing holds the prospect of blessing you, your church, and even culture.
Esther Lightcap Meek, author of A Little Manual for Knowing