A Legacy of Preaching
2 Volume Bundle
Publisher: Zondervan

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A Legacy of Preaching: Apostles to the Present Day explores the history and development of preaching through a biographical and theological examination of its most important preachers. Instead of teaching the history of preaching from the perspective of movements and eras, each contributor tells the story of a particular preacher in history, allowing these preachers from the past to come alive and instruct us through their lives, theologies, and methods of preaching.

Each chapter introduces readers to a key figure in the history of preaching, followed by an analysis of the theological views that shaped their preaching, their methodology of sermon preparation and delivery, and an appraisal of the significant contributions they have made to the history of preaching. This diverse collection of familiar and lesser-known individuals provides a detailed and fascinating look at what it has meant to communicate the gospel over the past two thousand years. By looking at how the gospel has been communicated over time and across different cultures, pastors, scholars, and homiletics students can enrich their own understanding and practice of preaching for application today.

Volume One covers the period from the apostles to the Puritans and profiles thirty preachers including:

  • Origen of Alexandria by Stephen O. Presley
  • John Chrysostom by Paul A. Hartog
  • Augustine of Hippo by Edward L. Smither
  • Gregory the Great by W. Brian Shelton
  • Bernard of Clairvaux by Elizabeth Hoare
  • Francis of Assisi by Timothy D. Holder
  • Saint Bonaventure by G. R. Evans
  • Meister Eckhart by Daniel Farca
  • John Huss by Mark A. Howell
  • Martin Luther by Robert Kolb
  • John Calvin by Anthony N. S. Lane
  • Jonathan Edwards by Gerald R. McDermott
  • John Wesley by Michael Pasquarello III
  • George Whitefield by Bill Curtis and Timothy McKnight
  • and many more

Volume Two covers the period from the Enlightenment to the present day and profiles thirty-one preachers including:

    Catherine Booth by Roger J. Green
  • Charles Haddon Spurgeon by Thomas J. Nettles
  • Henry Ward Beecher by Michael Duduit
  • John Albert Broadus by Hershael W. York
  • D. L. Moody by Gregg L. Quiggle
  • Billy Sunday by Kristopher K. Barnett
  • Karl Barth by William H. Willimon
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Keith W. Clements
  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Carl Trueman
  • John Stott by Greg R. Scharf
  • Harry Emerson Fosdick by Dwayne Milioni
  • Aimee Semple McPherson by Aaron Friesen
  • Gardner C. Taylor by Alfonza W. Fulwood and Robert Smith Jr.
  • Billy Graham by John N. Akers
  • Martin Luther King Jr. by Alfonza W. Fulwood, Dennis R. McDonald, and Anil Sook Deo
  • J. I. Packer by Leland Ryken and Benjamin Hernández
  • and many more

About the Editors

Benjamin K. Forrest (Ed.D., Liberty University) is Professor of Christian Education and Associate Dean at Liberty University. He is co-author of Surviving and Thriving in Seminary (w/ H. D. Zacharias, Lexham, 2017), Good Arguments: Making Your Case in Writing and Public Speaking (w/ R. A. Holland, Baker Academic, 2017), and co-editor of Biblical Leadership: Theology for the Everyday Leader (w/ Chet Roden, Kregel, 2017).

Kevin L. King (D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Pretoria) is Professor of Homiletics and Historical Theology at Liberty University.

Dwayne Milioni (Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Professor of Preaching and the director of the Ph.D. in Homiletics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the senior pastor of Open Door Church in Wake Forest, NC.

William J. Curtis (Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Homiletics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is co-author of Engaging Exposition (B&H, w/ Akin and Rummage), and is senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Darlington, South Carolina.


What an incredible work. I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness and care the editors put into their selections. If you want to be blessed by, and mentored by, some of the most anointed teachers in history, this great work is where to begin! I’m excited to add it to my library and hope every serious student of God’s word will do the same.
J.D. Greear, The Summit Church
Sitting at the feet of history’s greatest preachers is a great honor that will enrich your soul, enliven your flock, and enhance your ministry. If this is your desire, then read this book. It tells the tales of history’s greats and relates to you a legacy that will inspire you to, like Paul, ‘boldly proclaim the mysteries of the gospel.
Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
These volumes are a treasure trove of homiletical insights from the greatest of preachers in the history of the Christian church. It is a wonderful resource that I am extremely happy to recommend.
Sam Storms, Bridgeway Church
Reading A Legacy of Preaching affords an unprecedented opportunity for all kinds of pastors to learn from a legion of men and women who are widely regarded as among the best preachers in history
Philip Ryken, Wheaton College

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A Legacy of Preaching, Volume Two
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