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The Bible Teacher's Guide
21 Volume Bundle
By: Gregory Brown
Publisher: BTG Publishing

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Written by pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Gregory Brown, The Bible Teacher’s Guide gets right to the heart of everyday issues facing Christian believers.

You will notice right away that there is something different about this series. The content is fresh, insightful, and immediately applicable. Dr. Brown directs a laser-like focus on Bible books, characters, and topics and delivers Bible-based applications we can put into practice immediately.

Here are 4 practical reasons for having this series in your digital library:

  1. Ideal for Personal Bible Study
  2. Excellent for Small Group Study
  3. A Leadership Resource for Teachers Preparing to Share God’s Word
  4. A Practical Tool for Christian Counseling

Expositional and Topical - Studies That Go Deep

Even when Dr. Brown covers an entire book of the Bible, like Nehemiah, he emphasizes an important topic, such as leadership. Each volume contains 5-25 weekly lessons that can be studied personally or with a group. Questions for discussion and application are also provided.

The volume on Abraham contains 15 lessons. The first lesson in this volume examines God’s call on the great patriarch. It details 11 specific expectations and experiences that come with God’s calling. This is more than a list of attributes. You and everyone else will come away from this single lesson with rich and full understanding of what it means to be called by God.

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About the Author:

Greg Brown earned his MA in religion and MA in teaching from Trinity International University, a MRE from Liberty University, and a PhD in theology from Louisiana Baptist University. He has served over thirteen years in pastoral ministry and currently serves as chaplain and visiting professor at Handong Global University, pastor at Handong International Congregation, and as a Navy Reserve chaplain.

Products Included In This Bundle

The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Building Foundations for a Godly Marriage
A Pre-Marriage, Marriage Counseling Study
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: God's Battle Plan for Purity
Strategies for Victory Against Sexual Temptation
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Theology Proper, 3rd Edition
Knowing God the Father
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Nehemiah, 2nd Edition
Becoming a Godly Leader
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Philippians, 2nd Edition
Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Colossians, 2nd Edition
Christ Revealed: The Hope of Glory
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: First Peter, 2nd Edition
How to Live as Pilgrims in a Hostile World
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Ephesians, 2nd Edition
Understanding God's Purpose for the Church
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Abraham, 2nd Edition
Living the Life of Faith
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Finding a Godly Mate
Biblical Principles for Singles
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Characteristics of a Godly Marriage
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Characteristics of Spirit-led Prayer
The Bible Teacher's Guide: The Perfections of God
Understanding God’s Characteristics
The Bible Teacher's Guide: The Armor of God, 2nd Edition
Standing Firm in Spiritual Warfare
The Bible Teacher's Guide: First Timothy, 2nd Edition
Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Second Timothy, 2nd Edition
Guarding the Good Deposit
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Equipping Small Group Leaders
A Concise Church Leadership Training
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Jacob
Being Transformed by Amazing Grace
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Sermon on the Mount
Experiencing God's Kingdom on Earth
The Bible Teacher's Guide: The Beatitudes
Growing in Kingdom Character
The Bible Teacher's Guide: Whenever You Pray
Following Jesus' Teachings on Prayer