The Randall House Bible Commentary Series
12 Volumes
Publisher: Randall House

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Product Details

The Randall House Bible Commentary Series is a must-have for pastors and students of the Bible. The authors share an unclouded commitment to the inerrant Word of God, and each of the volumes includes verse-by-verse commentary, summaries of passages, and application notes for preaching and teaching.

An Overall Aim to be Practical

While the Randall House Bible Commentary Series is not intended to be highly technical, the volumes also aren’t purely devotional. They are understandable while seriously expounding the text. When the writers comment on the Greek text, they do so in a way that anyone without formal training can follow, with technical comments put in parenthesis. The overall aim of this series is to be practical, as general editor Robert Picirilli says in the introduction, “Above all; the Bible is to be lived.”

Applications for Teaching & Preaching the Bible

You can see the care the authors put into providing practical comments and applications in the exposition of the text. Each unit of material is also followed by a section called, “Application: Teaching and Preaching the Passage.” These sections not only deal with practical application but also provide help for teachers and preachers of the Bible. Each unit of material also closes with a summary that is intended to give an overview of what the text has been interpreted to mean.

About the General Editor

Robert Eugene Picirilli received his B.A. from Free Will Baptist Bible College. His graduate studies were completed at Bob Jones University where he received his M.A. in Theology and a Ph.D. in New Testament Text. He taught New Testament Greek and Interpretation at Free Will Baptist College for 47 years. He is also an author and has been a pastor and denominational executive.