BibleWorks Add-on Modules

Compatible with BibleWorks versions 7, 8, 9 and 10

Wordsearch has partnered with BibleWorks to make many of our titles available to use in the BibleWorks program. This page shows what's available right now, but check back often because the list will be growing.

When you buy any of the titles on this page, you can use it in BibleWorks and in Wordsearch -- whichever suits your needs.* And if you've already purchased some of these titles from Wordsearch, you can download them for BibleWorks right now, at no additional charge: Simply download and run the Wordsearch Book Installer for BibleWorks, then enter a Wordsearch unlock code when prompted. (Please close and re-open BibleWorks to see your new books. Also note that our dictionaries show up under the Resources menu in BibleWorks, not in the Dictionary Browser window.) If you don't have an unlock code already, you can get one by clicking "Generate Unlock Code" on the "My Account" page. (You'll need to log in to access that page.).

A note about fonts: Some books will require installing our fonts. You can do this by downloading and running the Wordsearch Font Installer.

Each time you buy a book from Wordsearch, we link it to your personal account, so you can re-download that book if it's ever lost, and access it in different formats (like Wordsearch and BibleWorks) and on different devices. You access your account with your email address and a password you control.

If there is a title you would like to have on your BibleWorks program, and it's not listed below, click here to let us know. We'll use your input to prioritize which books we do next, and let you know by email when it's ready.

* Note that your license is personal to you, not a site or multi-user license. You can use it on BibleWorks or Wordsearch on one or two computers.