Top 10 Support Questions

Questions About Installing the Program

“I just got a new computer. How do I move my programs to it?”
"How do I install my program and all my books?"
"What if I can’t find my old CDs?"
“What do I do if my download link has expired?”

Problems Downloading the Wordsearch Program

"I clicked on the download link but nothing happened."
"I clicked on the link, saw the program downloading, but now, I cannot find it."
"Now it says my link has expired."

Error Messages Installing the Wordsearch Program

“Setup.mpkg cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”
“Not a valid Win32 application”

Problems / Errors Starting the Wordsearch Program

“The program window is all locked up and frozen.”
“I can see the program but I cannot click on anything”
“It says “Not Responding”
“A connection to the server could not be established”
“You must be connected to the internet”
“The program starts but I am missing my books.”

Problems / Questions Regarding Getting Your Books

“How do I get my books?”
“I can start the program but I don’t see my books.”
“I have some books but I am missing a lot more books.”
”When I unlock my books I get the message “There were no books unlocked””

Problems / Errors Signing In / Changing Password

”What is Sign In? How do I Sign In?”
”What if I forget my Wordsearch ID or password?”
“The email address and password provided do not match our records.”
“Invalid email address or password”
“You must be connected to the internet to use this feature”

Problems / Errors Unlocking Books

“You must be connected to the internet”
“A connection to the server could not be established”
“I clicked on Help then Unlock Purchased Books, but, my books did not unlock.”

Problems / Errors Downloading Books

”Transfer error.”
”The following file could not be downloaded completely http://www … zip.”
“It just hangs there. None of my books will download.”

Problems / Errors Installing Downloaded Books

”When I click to install my downloaded books, the program locks up and displays a “Not responding” message. And sometimes, my screen turns white.”
“XML document must have a top level element”
“Unhandled archive type”
”Not a PKZip file.”
”Could not convert variant of (String) into type (Integer)”
”Could not convert variant of (Null) into type (Integer)”

Problems Opening / Using Books

“Error Opening Book file … Some errors can be corrected by refreshing the Library.”
“I highlight text in my books, but the program does not keep the highlighting.”
“I keep losing the highlighting that I have made.”
“I get a message when I highlight words in a book – “You appear to have updated to a new version of this book.””

Problems / Errors Using Features

“When I search for a word, I get the following error: “HiLitedText: end of section before word found.””
“I can search for a word but when I scroll through my Search Results, I get “HiLitedText: end of section before word found.””

More FAQs

”What is this indexing message I keep seeing?”